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Aug 02 2010
Stephen Guarino Bears All Comments (1)

Home_v03_15 If you've never seen LOGO's The Big Gay Sketch Show, you're in luck—its latest season (currently in a perpetual state of rerun) is by far its best, so you're not late to the party, you're right on time. One of its stand-outs, the versatile Stephen Guarino, has popped up in everything from Confessions of a Shopaholic to I Hate Valentine's Day and the DVD adaptation of the teen neo-classic The Clique, but like his TV series, he's now really hitting his stride with a meaty role in the new film BearCity. So much so that he just collected an award at Outfest as Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film.

554 BearCity is described as Sex and the City for the bear community, following a Chelsea twink (Joe Conti, pictured) with a secret attraction to big, hairy men. He's taken in by an older couple (one of whom is Guarino) as he pursues one of their sexy friends (Gerald McCullouch, also pictured). Love is in the hair...!

BrianLawrenceStephenGuarino with co-star Brian Keane (L) and co-writer Lawrence Ferber. From here.

Currently on tour with a live version of Sketch and making personal appearances to plug BearCity, Guarino took time out for a quick interview on...(NSFW) Yes, the Web cam sex site. It was probably the first time I had to compete with horny admirers while conducting an interview, and it was the first time I interviewed an actor who ended up with less clothing than he started out with.


Is Guarino a funny pervert or a perverted funnyman? Maybe he's just a great actor with a sense of humor and whose blood type is Viagra. Check the embedded video or click here to view his revealing session., in which he talks about his movie, his TV show, his dream role, his sexual predilections and what happens when co-star Sebastian La Cause enters.



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