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Aug 24 2010
MUST-SEE VIDEO: Pageant Queens Comments (15)


Love the one who's excited that he guessed so many of the Top 15

Every year, I'm forced to watch Miss Universe despite my HATRED of Donald Trump and my indifference toward pageants ever since the pesky little issue of lesbian softcore photos disqualified Miss America Vanessa Williams. Why? Because I'm a good partner, and my partner (from Puerto Rico, where Miss U is the World Cup) is obsessed with this pageant. Obsessed.

Every year, I worry along with him as he tracks Miss Puerto Rico's progress. This year, he almost went to the preliminaries in Vegas, but instead opted to fly his mom in from Texas so they could sit and watch them on my computer, and so they could spend last night watching the live broadcast.

Ph100823mvicente3 Usually, Miss Puerto Rico seems to get called last, but more often than not makes at least the Top 15, if not the Top 10 or higher. Currently, Puerto Rico is in third place for the most winners of all time, behind only the U.S. and arch-enemy Venezuela. (A country that won the past two years in a row.)

Last night, Miss Puerto Rico looked like a softer Paulina Rubio and sailed into the Top 10 with ease. Unfortch, she then came out in an atrocious evening gown (nice front, laughable back) that we all knew immediately disqualified her. (She got the lowest score of all 10 women and therefore missed the Top 5.)

Missuniverse10Bringing up the rear...

SafariScreenSnapz004 I do video their reactions, but since José would kill me dead if I uploaded them, instead enjoy this video—after the jump—of four Filipinos rooting for their beloved contestant Maria Venus Raj, a lovely girl who wound up being the last one called into the Top 15 (their reaction is HYSTERICAL) and who became fourth runner up after giving a sweetly idiotic answer to a supereasy question...




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