Guydar X 10 "If You Go Away" Comes Home 

Sep 02 2010
Gay-Face/Off Comments (10)

National Enquirer (September 13, 2010) re-outs John Travolta (they first got him 20 years ago with Paul Barresi) by reporting on a new memoir called You'll Never Spa In This Town Again by Robert Randolph. The author has personally witnessed Travolta gettin' down and dirty—or clean, I guess—at spas in Hollywood and has passed a lie detector test:

"I met John in 1998, after he had married Kelly. I believe the marriage is a total fraud because John is totally into guys and has been having sex with them behind Kelly's back for years."

He lays out the details, too. But I'm not sure he is correct in feeling bad for Kelly. I have to believe she knows.

The book promises to name more names, too. The tagline sounds very take-no-prisoners:


But the best part of it all is NE's headline—"John Travolta Cheats on Wife—With Gay Men!" How bizarrely (legalistically?) specific. Not "John Travolta is Secretly Gay!" And the cover, which features John as its star, never uses the word "gay" or even implies his cheating is with men.



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