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Sep 10 2010
How NOT To React To A Gay-Bashing Comments (0)

Paparazzi_header Rob Salerno reports on the unhelpful attitude of a gay bar and its bartenders after a patron was bashed...and it's depressing. The owner and workers were anxious to keep the incident out of the media so their bar wouldn't lose business instead of trying to call attention to the problem.



The posted news story drew an immediate reply from "The bartender," who pointed out that the victim was closer to a 7-11 than the bar in question (even though he was followed from the bar, not the 7-11) and who cattily acted as if the victim was more interested in another round of drinks than he was in his personal safety. He was bloodied and his cellphone was smashed—I doubt that if he did get a drink it was because he's a lush who was unconcerned about what had just happened.

The gay "community."



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