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Sep 07 2010
Under Tim Gunn Comments (4)


Project Runway's celibate Yoda Tim Gunn is out promoting his book Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work, and he's granted a juicy interview to TheFrisky.com. In it, he confirms this season's Gretchen is a psycho (albeit one he's come to appreciate). Of his confrontation with her, he says:

"I have never done that before and I will be honest with you, I asked permission to do it. I have a role in that scene [after the judging] saying, 'Go to the workroom and clean up your space.' That's why I said to A.J. [the designer who was sent home last episode instead of Gretchen], 'I want you to hear this.' Because I also wanted the whole team to know that I was disappointed in all their behavior. They allowed Gretchen to bully them and direct everything...The behavior that Gretchen demonstrated on the runway during that Q&A with the judges is about as close to psychosis as anything I have seen on the show. But I have to tell you something, too. I've learned to really love and adore her. I'm extremely fond of her. There are multiple dimensions of her."

Gunn also apparently believes his dad was a closeted gay man having an affair with J.Edgar Hoover, per this exchange:

TheFrisky.com: You book doesn't just criticize the behavior of celebs — you write about your own family, too, including where you say that you believe your father may have been a closeted homosexual in a relationship with J. Edgar Hoover. Are they going to be happy about that?

Tim Gunn: (In gloom-and-doom voice)They haven't read it yet. 

TheFrisky.com: How do you think that's going to go?

Tim Gunn: My deathly ill mother, if she's still alive next Tuesday, she won't be by Wednesday.

TheFrisky.com: Oh, I'm so sorry!

Tim Gunn: (laughs uproariously) She's not going to like it.
Like one of Casanova's ill-considered designs, this book sounds trés revealing. (But in a way that works.)



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