A Dose Of Reality Nuts Over Hamm 

Oct 13 2010
You'll Never Spawn In This Spa Again Comments (8)

National Enquirer (October 25, 2010) cleverly deceptively features a shot from the set of Wild Hogs on its cover to illustrate its story that one of John Travolta's gay sauna canoodlefests has been caught on video.

Inside, the word is that a video exists of him receiving oral from a guy, and that more than one copy exists.

NE says more than 50 men have contacted You'll Never Spa In This Town Again author Robert Randolph to 'fess up to Travolta trysts. Even one woman got in touch to report that her husband, who came out as gay after years of marriage, told her he'd fooled around with Travolta on three different occasions.

The moral of the story might be that the Hollywood machine (of which tabloids ARE a sometimes cooperative part) will keep your "worst" secrets for quite a while...until you're no longer a useful romantic lead. Then the floodgates open and everyone who's ever tasted your semen just to have a good celebrity story will come forward and and spill.




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