You Won't Be Board Many Of The Snubbed Won't Have To "Act" Surprised... 

Jan 25 2011
Black Spark—Rhymes With...? Comments (35)


Assume all links are NSFW...

168921_126817440716899_126796154052361_165595_4850064_n UPDATE: Make of this what you will, Nancy Drews—I was contacted by someone with Black Spark with this message:

"We think it's ok for you to guess as well. 'WHO IS BLACK SPARK?' is a question, right? We're comfortable that we're in a good position bc for all the guessing it hasn't been figured out. Additionally, there are no lies being told. Only truths being concealed for the sake of the project. <3"

        —Black Spark Film, Ltd.


Who is Black Spark? He's the Banksy of gay porn, posting widely appreciated artsy erotica videos on Xtube, all the while concealing his identity. His Facebook personal and movie pages are also hoppin', which is a feat considering he won't reveal his.

165143_127913510607292_126796154052361_171352_75492_nWho is that masked man?

But a reader thinks he's got the answer, and I agree with him: Black Spark seems to be...

..."Josh Stark," an adorable, boy-next-door model who's worked for


I think the resemblance is undeniable, as are the freckles around his nipple—let's call them "peckles."

If we're right, do we get a prize? Like, some kind of torrid cameo in his next work? More seriously, Black Spark seems to be a great talent—he's studied film at UCLA (currently on hiatus) and considers himself a filmmaker rather than a pornstar. Imagine a future Oscar contender who got his start fucking and sucking and getting rimmed on camera instead of in a Beverly Hills office?

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