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Jan 22 2011
Somebody Drilled Her Husband Comments (18)

Hotter-than-hot gay-for-pay pornstar Reese Rideout—aka Nick Dent—is featured in the UK Marie Claire (under the pseudonym Reece Jacobs) along with his wife Becki. In "My Husband is a Porn Star," she says, of her perfect husband's imperfect dayjob:

"His focus is gay porn, which, despite what people thing, I'm more comfortable with. I can accept him being with other men more easily than other women. He got into it after he was offered $1,500 simply to masturbate on a gay website called randyblue.com. Straight porn only pays men $300 a scene, but gay porn pays up to five times as much."

RR03 She's good at math, even if her being happy her guy is making other guys happy won't add up to some of the magazine's readers.

Dent says, of his choice to do gay work almost exclusively:

"I can have sex at work without thinking about the other person because I'm genuinely straight. But gay sex is tough if you're straight. The first time I shot a scene with another man, it was oral sex, and I couldn't keep it up because I wasn't turned on. Now I watch footage of women or think about Becki when I'm filming. Working in gay porn is better all round. I get paid more and treated with respect."

Cute couple, but not so sure his worries that his parents might find out are best addressed by doing mainstream magazines, even abroad!

After the jump. Dent's first mainstream film effort (he hopes to branch out in this direction more and more)...




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