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Feb 28 2011
Rock Me, Amadeus Comments (0)

AMadonna at the Amadeus party by the amazing Patrick McMullan

If you liked his last Madonna-infused entry, you'll be happy to know Reid Rosefelt is back with another Madonna remembrance, this time centering on his escorting her to the rockstar-friendly (well...just Madonna and Roger Daltrey) party for the film Amadeus.

Richardcorman_photographs_sale_news Particularly charming is his memory of Madonna having to toss keys down to anyone trying to get into her apartment—this must've been the same place she was in when Richard Corman shot her because Corman told me a similar story.

As an aside, Rosefelt says Madonna did her rolling-on-the-floor version of "Like a Virgin" for MTV on an off-day of shooting and that she mentioned to him she was bothered because "Cyndi Lauper wouldn't even look at her that night, which bothered her (!!!) because she said she wanted to be friends with other women singers."

Party_amadeus4A kiss for (one of Madonna's hottest-ever squeezes) Jellybean at the same party

TheBlueAngel He also confirmed something Madonna fans knew from way back—that Madonna had high hopes of remaking The Blue Angel. (Lauper was in Blue Angel, Madonna wanted to remake it.)

It's another entertaining post from Rosefelt, whose blog is one of those you greedily read while simultaneously thinking, "Why isn't he doing this as a for-sale book instead?"



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