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Feb 02 2011
The Lobbyist Hobbyist Comments (7)

National Enquirer (February 14, 2011) has a Valentine's Day surprise for Speaker of the House John Boehner, but it'll be hard to tell if it makes the Orange One blush—the mag details the "at least 2 women" with whom he's said to have cheated.

ZLike McCain, Boehner's accused of canoodling with a lobbyist

NE quotes regarding allegations he's fooled around with lobbyist (she's great at her job!) Lisbeth Lyons, but Lyons herself would only say:

"I do not want to have a discussion about John Boehner. I have no comment."

The story also includes reports of Boehner hooking up with congressional press sec Leigh LaMora:

"...The Enquirer learned that Deborah was nowhere to be seen where the ruggedly handsome [sic] congressman attended a casino party at the home of a D.C. lobbyist in August 1997—and reportedly hooked up with pretty congressional secretary Leigh LaMora."

Apparently, Boehner and LaMora were at a party and sought out a bedroom, where they stumbled upon another couple who'd beaten them to the punch.

Maybe it took until 1997 for key parties to hit D.C.?


Note: A quick scan of the full cover reveals that Julia Roberts "cheating" to help her pal Javier Bardem get an Oscar nomination (by hosting screenings) warrants approximately five times as much cover acreage as the story about the third second in line to the presidency actually cheating on his wife. So it could be the Boehner sex stories are probably true but not as well documented as, for example, the John Edwards scandal.



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