La Même Chose What's In A Name? 

Mar 28 2011
"I Don't See How You Do It, Mildred. It's Beautiful, Just Beautiful." Comments (6)

I wasn't sure what to expect of the Todd Haynes take on Mildred Pierce—a five-hour mini-series that began airing last night on HBO and that stars Kate Winslet—but I was mostly pleasantly surprised. To quote from the novel, "It's beautiful, just beautiful." Though not exactly a thrill ride.

Z Sure, its pacing is beyond leisurely, but there is still a grandness to Mildred's humble story that serves as a stand-in for all complicated mother-daughter relationships and the dark side of the American Dream. Kate Winslet is superb; she is easily leading me through the proceedings so far. I can almost forgive her for claiming never to have seen the 1945 movie. But Morgan Turner as young Veda is also making me not miss Evan Rachel Wood as the older Veda, who won't pop up for a while yet.

SafariScreenSnapz001From here: Ann Blyth is alive and well at 82 (this is from '06)

It can't replace the original movie adaptation with Joan Crawford and Ann Blyth, nor does it appear to be trying; they're so different in tone it's only occasionally that I'm reminded they're based on the same book.

I'll keep watching.



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