Happy Butch Patrick's Day! Lorne Hutton 

Mar 17 2011
Lost Boy Found Comments (23)

Over 15 years ago, early on in my relationship with José, I inscribed a copy of my first novel, Boy Culture, to him. He was touched. Later, I dedicated a book to him and my editor at the time cautioned, "Is that something you really wanna do...dedicate a book to a boyfriend?" The implication was that he might not be in my life by the time it saw print. He still is, and as of today, is going into his 17th year with me.

Shortly after I gave José the novel, a friend of his asked to borrow it to read. "Okay, but I need it back," he warned. The friend read it but then suddenly moved, later revealing he'd left the book at his old roommate's...and it was gone.

Just about a year ago, a Canadian writer named James contacted me to note that he had a book inscribed by me to someone named José—and now, the book has come back to us, where it belongs. The end!




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