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Mar 07 2011
Madonna & Britney: So In They're Out Comments (15)

29_430-richard-corman-madonna A year ago, I was talking with Out's editor Aaron Hicklin about featuring some of Richard Corman's Madonna images in Out and was surprised he was thinking of them as cover-worthy. Yes, it's Madonna, but the images were over 25 years old and in black-and-white. Then I wound up selling the images—which I at that time owned; I'm still selling some last remaining prints by the shooter—back to Corman and I thought Hicklin had dropped the idea...until now!

RichardCorman_1980 It appears Out is doing a "ladies we love" issue (for a gay mag, maybe it should be a "ladies WE love" issue, since it's about a different kind of love) featuring a Britney Spears cover shot by Ruven Afanador (possibly black-and-white, judging from the above peek) and a Madonna cover that makes use of one of Corman's stunning images. (I hope it's the one I have framed by my desk, which to my eye is the best he ever shot of her. My two guesses decorate this post, and my fave is the first.)

I've been told by Out that the newsstand and subscription split is 50/50, which is a nice display of confidence for Madonna, who's not promoting anything at the moment. Spears is, of course, promoting the March 29 release of Femme Fatale. will post its interview with Spears on March 9 and on March 14 will host at least some of Corman's images of Madonna. The issue itself—aren't magazines afterthoughts these days?—will hit newsstands officially on March 29.

One final question: How many of the chicks they pick will actually be ladies???



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