Guydar: Two'fers Madonna Detours Onto Sunset Boulevard 

Mar 20 2011
Two Amigos Comments (22)

Went to the 22nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in NYC tonight. Lots to report, but not enough time for one of my mega-posts tonight.


Still, I wanted to post the biggest news—Vito Russo Award recipient Ricky Martin thanks his "partner-in-crime and my boyfriend Carlos," the first time I'm aware of that he's named his (handsome) lover, Carlos Gonzalez Abella.

I shot this video of the couple seated for GLAAD's dinner and auction—but as sneaky as I am (in truth, I wasn't even trying to conceal myself), old pro Ricky spotted me and pointed me out at the end of the footage, after the jump...

Ricky & Carlos:

Bonus: Ricky's entire speech upon receiving the coveted Vito Russo Award:



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