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Jun 19 2011
Debbie Does Dollars: Isn't It Delicious? Comments (15)

SafariScreenSnapz015$4.6 million + $1,058,000 premium = $5.658 million

I was curious to attend the huge Debbie Reynolds Hollywood memorabilia auction yesterday, but it would have entailed flying in and landing the morning of, then hoping I'd get into the gallery, then flying back on the red-eye, all the while sacrificing a day I was spending with my family in Chicago.

SafariScreenSnapz016Cleopatra concept painting = $17,000

Ultimately, I'm glad I didn't go, but (most) everything else went—and for big, big, record-breaking bucks.

SafariScreenSnapz001Rudy was derided by male movie-goers as a "pink powder puff"

I had a hunch the Marilyn Monroe subway dress from The Seven-Year Itch was dramatically undervalued with an estimate of $1 million to $2 million, and once earlier pieces like Rudolph Valentino's matador outfit from Blood and Sand started exceeding their estimates (it was estimated at $60K to $80K and went for $210K!), I knew it would be a memorable final bid. In the end, Marilyn's simple halter dress went for over $4 million. If that doesn't blow Debbie's skirt up, nothing will.

An interesting quote regarding the breaking up of Reynolds's collection:

"Hollywood may come to rue the day that the Reynolds collection was broken up and distributed around the world. Several of the buyers were from Saudi Arabia and Japan.

"Randy Habercamp of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who attended the auction but did not buy, said: 'Well it happened to the treasures of Greece. It happened to Italy. I guess now it's our turn.'"

Other highlights and points of interest for me (all prices are NOT INCLUDING the auctioneer's premium)...

SafariScreenSnapz002Lock of Mary Pickford's hair = $3,500

SafariScreenSnapz003Charlie Chaplin's "Tramp" character hat = $110,000

SafariScreenSnapz004Freddie Bartholomew's Anna Karenina shooting diary = $1,600

SafariScreenSnapz005Harpo Marx's hat and wig = $45,000

SafariScreenSnapz006Tyrone Power's Marie Antoinette suit = $27,500

SafariScreenSnapz007Marlene Dietrich's Destry Ride Again outfit = $8,000 (one of the disappointments)

SafariScreenSnapz008Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz dress = $910,000 (10+ times the high end of the est.)

SafariScreenSnapz009Wizard of Oz ruby slippers = $510,000

SafariScreenSnapz010Lena Horne's Stormy Weather gown = $8,000

SafariScreenSnapz011Elizabeth Taylor's National Velvet riding suit = $60,000

SafariScreenSnapz012Joan Crawford's Mildred Pierce waitress uniform = $22,500

SafariScreenSnapz013Marilyn Monroe's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes gown = $1.2 million

SafariScreenSnapz014Marilyn Monroe's "Heat Wave" outfit = $500,000

SafariScreenSnapz017Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra headdress = $500,000

SafariScreenSnapz018Audrey Hepburn's My Fair Lady gown = $3.7 million

SafariScreenSnapz019Julie Andrews's signed The Sound of Music guitar = $140,000

SafariScreenSnapz020Barbra Streisand's Hello, Dolly! gown = $100,000

SafariScreenSnapz021Madonna's Evita gown = $22,500




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