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Jul 25 2011
Apocalypse Norway Comments (1)

Frothy-mouthed xenophobes Bruce Bawer (unfortunately one of many gay right-wing BruceBawer loons) and Pamela Geller (both pictured) are trying to act as if they're surprised murderously Islamophobic Anders Behring Breivik was a huge fan of their work. What's to be surprised about? PamelaGellar They know what they've written, they have to know what kind of killer hatred their words could have inspired and in this case did. (Charles Johnson refers to their writings as "apocalyptic rhetoric.") It's not like they write with restraint or with academic objectivity—their writing is seething with contempt and triumphant in their vilification of all of Islam.

They should be proud of their work and of what it's accomplished—or they should use this moment to reflect on their life's mission.

The latter won't happen. Geller is already trying to imply that Johnson's rejection of right-wing ideology—he had been a popular conservative blogger—was "what caused [Breivik] to snap."

And I doubt "anti-Muslim demagogue" Robert Spencer (who's cited dozens of times in Breivik's manifesto) will see any reason to change his ways either.




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