The Gay-List Dance Fever 

Nov 08 2011
Love Bazaar Comments (5)

I've seen the new cover of Harper's Bazaar but can't post it; it's exquisite and fans will be happy with Tom Munro's work...

1The main cover features a shot of Madonna behind W.E.'s Andrea Riseborough with a protective arm over Riseborough's shoulder and encircling her to her other shoulder. Big rock on Madonna's finger, though part of her hand is hidden by the long-sleeved black gown she has on. Riseborough is in a black strapless number.


3Madonna's hair is very '40s and her makeup reminiscent of her look at the Venice Film Festival.


4The cover? "Madonna and Her New Movie Star Andrea Riseborough."


ZThere is an alternate, subscriber's cover that shows both women full-body, both in all-black outfits again, Madonna out front in slacks, a turtleneck and a black fedora reminiscent of images used to promote Sticky & Sweet. She's holding a movie camera and a film light is pointed, behind her, at a reclining Riseborough. This time, the cover line deletes the word "movie."


Both are gorgeous covers I expect will be making the rounds soon!



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