It Gets (Even) Better Time Goes By So Slowly 

Nov 14 2011
Plantation Lullaby Comments (2)

Taylor Garrett of Logo's The A-List: Dallas is alleging a second attack in six weeks, both of which he claims are because he is a gay conservative who lunches with Ann Coulter. More specifically, he thinks gay liberals expect him to live on our "plantation" (the new in word for Republicans to use as they love race-baiting) because he's gay, meaning being a Republican is something gay people simply won't allow of one of our tribe members.

His first attack was highly suspicious and still is. People were right to question it.

This time, I assume he has already called in the police because the attack was vandalism on his car followed by a blow to his eye. If he didn't call in the police right away, I would wonder why.

If he did call in the police, I hope they'll take it seriously and investigate. It can't be hard to solve—it happened at a birthday party and probably the perp would be someone who was an invitee or at least knew he'd be there. And let's hope they catch the bum.

For the record, I don't mind gay conservatives even if I disagree with them. I get that not everyone believes in a social safety net and many other things that seem not to be related to being gay. And I would never dream of physically attacking one or of cheering on anyone who did, nor would the vast majority of gay liberals I've ever met or heard of.

But I do have a problem with someone using his alleged assault for political points, and with anyone who thinks Ann Coulter—who is an advocate of violence and a dismisser of every tenet of gay rights—is an okay person to associate with, let alone that she can fairly be described as a conservative.

Still, having a problem with someone's views doesn't mean I would like that person on my "plantation"—I'll pick the pink cotton myself.



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