Blood And Sand: A Review Of Other Desert Cities + Stage-Door Follies Underneath Their Clothes 

Jan 11 2012
Do You L.U.V. MDNA? Comments (17)

LogoUPDATE: This might have been a passing joke by Madonna (odd that her official site reported it as fact). Someone who was at the taping just told me Madonna didn't come off very well and wasn't very fun, but told her story of going to Paris with Patrick "Born to Be Alive" Hernandez.

Madonna has revealed that her new album will be entitled M.D.N.A. (or more likely MDNA?) on Graham Norton's show. I'm not in love with it, though if it's MDNA I'm sure that's meant to be the texting version of Madonna, a sort of reiteration of her brand. It could also be referencing DNA, meaning again this is Madonna's DNA—a return to her roots (beyond the roots, into the chromosomal level!).

Or it's a salute to Australian women's netball, see above.



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