Boy Toy, Too After Dark Special #16 

Jan 06 2012
Just The Way You Are Comments (8)

Kristy McNichol, the ultimate lesbian icon for many, is now literally a lesbian icon—she's officially come out of the closet. "Buddy" from Family tells People she's Kristy-mcnichol-4-440decided to be open about being with her partner Martie Allen for the past two decades in response to stories about bullying. She wants "to be open about who I am."

The casual nature of the photo and the low-key announcement makes this feel like a decision of conscience more than of commerce, the latter of which I'm not against but which sometimes bums out others who are critical that stars wait till a certain age then release a book to coincide with coming out.


Great news that she's through with the glass closet—this is going to tickle to death a lot of women around my age.



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