Maximum Madonna Sunny, With A Chance 

Feb 15 2012
She Will Always Love Her Comments (7)

Article-2101430-11BF34F5000005DC-546_634x420Houston, Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston & Crawford


Robyn Crawford—Whitney Houston's former assistant and beyond a doubt her former lover for many years—has contributed a truly touching and honest piece about Houson to Esquire via Tom Junod. (Ironically, the man behind the infamous "Kevin Spacey Has a Secret" cover in which he openly talked about the actor's glass-closeted existence in popular culture.)

It's so affecting because Crawford doesn't get preachy or treacly, nor is she out to settle scores. She assesses Whitney Houston with candor and with affection. It's a must-read.

The truth matters and is not in poor taste. On that tip, British gay activist Peter Tatchell, who knew Houston, speaks openly about her relationship with a woman (presumably Crawford), stating that she was happiest when she was with her and slid downward once she tried to hide her true nature in order to maintain an image as America's sweetheart.



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