This Kind Of Indulgence For Fans Is *NOT* Ordinary The Oscar-Winning Artist 

Feb 29 2012
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Troy Wise Photography-9239

So I'm pretty sure José would have an alienation of affections case against this model, Hector, who has been captured by Troy Wise (with styling by Rick Guzman, hair by Dominic Alonzo and clothing by Rufskin). He's ES-stunning to me. And looks a lot like Tyrone Power:

Tyrone Power

But I'm sure Tyrone never had this:

Troy Wise Photography-9190
I'm not saying this model is or looks gay, I'm just saying he is or looks guapo. Tons more of him after the jump and still more later this week. I need to take up (real) photography...

Troy Wise Photography-9094[1]

Troy Wise Photography-9127

Troy Wise Photography-9188

Troy Wise Photography-9194

Troy Wise Photography-9340

Troy Wise Photography-9337

1 Troy Wise Photography-9298

Troy Wise Photography-9221

Troy Wise Photography-9225



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