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Mar 27 2012
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Madonna MDNA
In honor of the release of MDNA, I'll be on Larry Flick's Sirius show Thursday, April 5, in the morning, chatting things up with him and with my new pal Sergio Kletnoy. Should be interesting, or if not interesting then at least fun.

Screen shot 2012-03-27 at 10.00.04 AMLove that in order to support Gaga and her anti-bullying work, Madonna responds to someone named @KuntyPerry

0xBJYI would characterize MDNA's reviews as "positive" (not "lukewarm," as Reuters went with in an effort to be fair and balanced), but something that surprises me among the critics and fans who are not intoxicated by it is that they seem to have a very all-or-nothing take, in their case opting for the latter. Much as I love the maligned "Girl Gone Wild," I can definitely see how some people would not like the album's dark, aggressive club bangers; much as I adore the ballads and introspective mid-tempo numbers, I guess I can see how some dance fiends would not be wild about those. But there is such a diversity on MDNA—or, if you're not feeling it, a bipolarity—that I can't really wrap my mind around hating all of it.

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If you hate "Love Spent" and hate "Gang Bang" and hate "Masterpiece" and hate "Love Spent"...what did you ever find appealing about Madonna in the first place?


Speaking of Madonna's arc of appeal, here is my list of Madonna albums from favorite to least favorite (as of now!). I count I'm Breathless as a studio album—it really was no mere soundtrack:

Tumblr_m0i3ja8mnz1rq5oono1_500Madonna Critical Reception: Negative. Favorite Tracks: "Burning Up," "Physical Attraction," "Holiday." Skips: None.

Ray of Light Critical Reception—Raves. Favorite Tracks: "Frozen," "Sky Fits Heaven," "Drowned World/Substitute for Love." Skips: "Mer Girl."

Like a Prayer Critical Reception—Raves. Favorite Tracks: "Like a Prayer," "Express Yourself, "Oh Father." Skips: "Pray for Spanish Eyes,"  "Act of Contrition."


Like a Virgin Critical Reception—Positive but wary. Favorite Tracks: "Stay," "Over and Over," "Dress You Up." Skips: "Material Girl."


I'm Breathless Critical Reception—Positive. Favorite Tracks: "Vogue," "He's a Man," "More." Skips: "Now I'm Following You (Parts 1 & 2)."

True Blue Critical Reception—Positive. Favorite Tracks: "Papa Don't Preach," "Live to Tell," "Open Your Heart." Skips: "Where's the Party," "Jimmy Jimmy," "Love Makes the World Go Round."


MDNA Critical Reception—Positive. Favorite Tracks: "Falling Free," "Love Spent," "Beautiful Killer." Skips: "Superstar," "Best Friend."

Confessions on a Dance Floor Critical Reception—Raves. Favorite Tracks: "Hung Up," "Get Together," "Forbidden Love." Skips: "How High," "Push."

Am_life_(1)American Life Critical Reception—Negative. Favorite Tracks: "Nothing Fails,"  "Mother and Father," "Easy Ride." Skips: "I'm So Stupid," "Intervention."

Erotica Critical Reception—Mixed. Favorite Tracks: "Deeper and Deeper," "Rain," "Thief of Hearts." Skips: "Where Life Begins," "Did You Do It?"

Music Critical Reception—Raves. Favorite Tracks: "Paradise (Not for Me)," "What It Feels Like For a Girl," "Music." Skips: "Runaway Lover," "I Deserve It," "Nobody's Perfect."


MadonnaRUC_450x259Bedtime Stories Critical Reception—Mixed. Favorite Tracks: "Bedtime Story," "Secret," "Sanctuary." Skips: "I'd Rather Be Your Lover," "Human Nature," "Take a Bow."

Hard Candy Critical Reception—Mixed. Favorite Tracks: "Beat Goes On," "Miles Away," "Give It 2 Me." Skips: "Candy Shop," "Incredible," "Spanish Lesson."



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