I Know But I Don't Know Your Nose Is Growing Pains 

Mar 06 2012
Homocon-Artist Comments (11)


Via Joe.My.God.: Michael Lucas, seethingly anti-Muslim homocon-artist, contributes yet another bullshit article to The Advocate on how the PC police are ruining everything. And of course his bio at the end describes him as being in "erotica" instead of saying he prostituted himself for a living (that is what porn is—it's sex for pay) or makes pornography. Not judging either, but if you're going to decry PC, don't use it yourself.

Lucas does not merely support Israel or take issue with radical Islam, he targets all things Muslim with a racial hatred that is undeniable. I distinctly remember him bitching about "their ugly women's stinking hairy pussies" and worse on his own blog years ago.

He's an embarrassment to The Advocate, to the LGBT community and to porn.




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