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Apr 04 2012
Flick It Up + Rumored Tour Set List Comments (23)

I'll be on Larry Flick's Sirius radio show tomorrow, Thursday, at 9 a.m. EST to discuss the new album from this up-and-coming singer named, I think, Madonna or something?

Keep reading for what I have been told from a trusted pal (who is not vouching for it personally) that this is the current set list (as passed to her by a trusted pal) of Madonna's tour. All I can say is..."If only!"...I'm suspicious because I'd heard "Celebration" was a lock...

Video intro: Erotica/Justify My Love 

Girl Gone Wild

I'm A Sinner

Express Yourself

Dress You Up

Physical Attraction 

Video interlude: Some Girls 

Causing A Commotion

I'm Addicted


Beautiful Killer


Video interlude: Gang Bang 

Die Another Day

I Don't Give A

4 Minutes

Love Spent


Video interlude: Holiday (2012 remix) 

Give Me All Your Luvin

Deeper And Deeper

Take A Bow/Falling Free


Turn Up The Radio



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