Jesus Christ, Would You Look At Me? "Did You Get What You Need?" 

Apr 05 2012
Madonna In The Mix Comments (7)

Madonna MDNA"That's for making me work so fucking hard!"

(1) I enjoyed this surprise party for Madonna in celebration of MDNA going to #1 in 22 countries (including the U.S.). Madonna is so clueless at first since they're yelling "surprise!" and "B-Day Song" is playing. She's probably thinking, "Not yet, assholes!"

Max Happy Endings(2) Also, ABC's hysterical, underrated show Happy Endings had a plot featuring its gay character's past in an all-male Madonna tribute band (these should exist!) called Mandonna. It was really sweet and funny, and my pal Stephen Guarino continues to be the Karen Walker of the show—hard to do when every single cast member has great timing and brings something to the table.

Madonna Quentin TarantinoPoster-art brilliance from here

and, most importantly...

(3) I was on Larry Flick's Morning Jolt show today with fellow superfan Sergio Kletnoy. We mixed it up about MDNA and I had a (friendly) debate with sidekick Keith Price about celebrities who come out either after their greatest success OR in conjunction with something they're trying to sell. Those bears are never hibernating, honey. Here is part one, and here is part two, or listen up here:

Madonna talk with Serge and Matthew Part 1 040512

Madonna talk with Serge and Matthew Part 2 040512


Surprise-party and Mandonna vids after the jump...