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May 30 2012
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Will Grant for Undergear
Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Will Grant for Undergear is a thing of booty—I mean beauty.

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IMG_7512Someday, my princess will come...

May 29 2012
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With thanks to Mike: A fabulous article on Madonna's guitar guy Monte Pittman. Never knew that he met Madonna when Guy Ritchie approached him for guitar lessons for himself!

Why Do Turds Suddenly Appear Every Time You Are Near? Comments (25)


UPDATE: The prep was no big deal at all. The procedure was no big deal at all. The aftermath was no big deal at all. I was told: "You have a perfect colon." Tell me somethin' I don't know! ;0) I recommend you all get this procedure if you're 40+.

I'm having my first colonoscopy tomorrow. Anyone have any words of wisdom? I understand the flushing out process is brutal, and am about to begin that. I'd hate to chicken out on this and later find out I had something that could've been caught. My doctor's been after me to do this for over a year, stating that the only reason people are usually encouraged to get them after age 50 and not after age 40 is financial; he says he has several patients who submitted to colonoscopies and were rewarded with having precancerous conditions nipped in the butt. I mean bud. Wish me luck!

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Zac wow
Lost my position as editor in chief of Popstar! (a teen...no, THE teen magazine, haha) today, my day job. Not something I recommend doing, but not unexpected. Wish me luck, and feel free to reach out with business opportunities as I'm currently weighing many options.

It was a fast-moving situation, fast enough that though I'm in a transitional phase, I still have a colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. Kind of appropriate.

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My dog Sash is a chewer, and both dogs like toys. But rawhides = a great way to pay $6 to see a small Shih Tzu with a large lump in her body like a snake that swallowed a goat. Then I found out they made these chicken-and-veggie "rawhides" that taste like peanut butter and are "99% digestible."

Ten minutes later, that's Sash's on the left. I've never witnessed it, but I think she can unlock her jaws.

The Queens' Throats Comments (2)

Two "delightfully offbeat" ladies spied me walking my Shih Tzus and told me how adorable they were before asking me, "Do you like opera?" When I said I really didn't, they thrust their card into my hand and the elder one said, "Doesn't matter—it's a great place to meet guys. Ninety percent guys there."

So—there's your hot tip of the week, denizens of Hell's Kitchen.


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