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Jun 08 2012
Not That Innosent Comments (7)

SafariScreenSnapz001My first coup—JRT!

In Star (June 11, 2012), Justin Timberlake's's "first girlfriend" Veronica Finn spills the beans on what it was like being in puppy love with the future superstar, even providing (water-stained) love letters to enhance her memories. They apparently broke up when she realized he was likely banging out more than songs while touring with his fledgling band *NSYNC.

Img647Veronica's way prettier now and Justin's way more clothed now

I was editor of Popstar! back in the day ("back in the day" meaning from 1998 until like a week ago) and set up a shoot with Innosense in order to get Justin—his mama was their manager. I was so proud of this shoot because it was ultra-classy and expensive (I think we spent a whole $1,000) and it showed I could figure out a way to get the then-#1 teen-mag draw (Justin).

Sadly, the photo agency I used screwed me over, telling me point-blank after it was shot that they were breaking our agreement to sell the images to rival publications even before I ran my edit. Really turned me off, though it did turn me on for the next six years when new reps from that agency would call to beg me to use their stock and I got to tell them off all over again.

The Innosense girls were really sweet and I loved their fun pop record "Say No More":

I later spent a painful day at Disney World with Innosense (and many other new acts) while tooling around in a wheelchair thanks to having my inexplicably swollen knee drained. Those images are scary. I felt so old and weird, yet was only like 31.

Anyway, the thing that isn't mentioned in the tell-some article is that Veronica and Justin lost their respective virginities to each other, which was the rumor in the teen world at the time. He of course later moved on to Britney Spears, who had actually turned down a chance to be in Innosense in favor of a solo career. Which, depending on how you look at it, was a very good or very bad call.

I hope Veronica made bank with this article as Justin might not take kindly to it and so their friendship might be at an endship. But then again, it's pretty sweet as are all parties involved so maybe it's perfectly Innosent.




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