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Sep 21 2012
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Paris Hilton NOH8

I think it's great when public condemnation or intervention from GLAAD pushes a personality to apologize for an egregious offense against the LGBT community, but Paris Hilton's blubbering apology really doesn't move me. She was taped in a cab exclaiming to a (gay) friend that gay men probably all have HIV and she wouldn't want to be gay because then she'd die of AIDS, etc.

Her PRs have tried to claim she was speaking about HIV-positive people who seek out unprotected sex, but in context, that really does not hold water.

In this case, I feel like GLAAD—which I otherwise support—is just helping to provide cover for a reprehensible human being.

I mean, what was her excuse for her past racist comments like these and these? Like too many rich assholes, Paris Hilton has a contemptuous outlook on the rest of the world; gays are just a part of that.



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