The Heart Of The Matter Hitting The Washboards 

Feb 14 2013
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Oscar Pistorius croppedOlympic icons have been having a bad run lately

*widget boy cultureParalympic idol Oscar Pistorius charged with killing GF.

*widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" video drops.

*widget boy cultureRight-wing group made video of "Hillary" having sex with a "panda." Hillary-Clinton-panda

*widget boy cultureLegal complaint vs. bareback-porn companies.

*widget boy cultureFranco takes Kimmel on "Gay Town" tour.

*widget boy cultureThe good ol' days when "You Are Gay" was romantic.

*widget boy cultureThe AP is still proudly anti-gay.

*widget boy cultureHAPPY V-DAY: Deadly new virus found.

*widget boy cultureIdiotic coach thinks gays ended Olympic wrestling.

*widget boy cultureDid Kim & Kanya get free pass from TSA?

*widget boy cultureYou may flip for this Burger:

Joel-Burger-model-shirtlessGood Burger



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