The Lady Refuses...On Principal Venfield 8: The Whole Thing 

Mar 08 2013
Need To Know: Matt Damon Is The Tops, Joy Behar No Longer Enjoys The View, You'll Be GLAAD You Entered + MORE Comments (2)

The-ViewThe first episode of The View happened before I owned a cellphone

*widget boy cultureJoy Behar quits The View after 16 years.

*widget boy cultureFBI "monitoring" Marco McMillian murder.

*widget boy cultureTen-year-old eco-blogger interviews Amy Ray of The Indigo Girls.

*widget boy cultureTHE DEVIL YOU KNOW:  Justin Bieber: "Only God can judge me."

*widget boy cultureSynergy does not pay the fucking rent.

*widget boy cultureLindsay Lohan saying "no, no, no" to rehab.

*widget boy culture"[Madonna] never had to...tell me that it was OK that I was 'born this way.'"

*widget boy cultureDesperately seeking Denise Van Outen

*widget boy cultureWin a trip to the GLAAD Awards.

*widget boy cultureAnal sex scene in Beyond the Candelabra done in one...take.

1250-ew-COVER"Every Sunday night, this girl wo uld come to my house and I would stand in my garage and I would hike my boxer briefs up into the crack of my ass and she would give me a spray tan."—Matt Damon, on playing Scott Thorson



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