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Mar 10 2013
My Gay Brother's Keeper Comments (2)

Valerie Harper's favorite memory from her TV career was the hilarious moment in the "My Brother's Keeper" episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show when she tells "Phyllis" (Cloris Leachman) that her brother "Ben" (Robert Moore) is gay.

Robert-Moore-gay-Ben-Mary-Tyler-Moore-Valerie-Harper-Rhoda-Phyllis-Cloris-Leachman"Ben" there

Moore, who acted infrequently on TV and in the movies, was gay in real life. After playing "Ben," he went on to appear twice on Rhoda as two different characters during the show's run. He's best known as a Neil Simon collaborator—he directed the yuk-filled Murder by Death (1976) and The Cheap Detective (1978), as well as "being involved in the original New York production of The Boys in the Band." (He directed it. He received five Tony nominations in his short life.)

Moore died of AIDS in 1984 at the age of 57.



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