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Sep 23 2013
Our Baby's Got A #secretproject Comments (0)

For all of the complaints from critics and even some fans that Madonna is less invested in her art than she used to be, the long, annoying tease leading up to her #secretproject seems to be paying off with an interesting film that will be sprung upon the world in interesting ways. The latest is that it will be projected in various locations in New York, London, L.A., Berlin and other cities tonight, including NYC's Museum of Modern Art.

Madonna-SecretIf you are so in-Kleined...

The imagery from this project so far is striking, and strikingly nnn-commercial. She seems fully invested in whatever this is exactly about.

May 18 2011
The Cure Comments (15)

Meet the 45-year-old "Berlin Patient," who is the first person thought to have been totally cured of HIV after receiving a genetically-engineered stem-cell transplant. His thoughts on being the reverse Patient Zero:

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Nov 20 2010
Simply The Best Of Comments (10)


GayCities.com commissioned artist Wendy MacNaughton to do this gay map of the world as part of its annual "best of" contest. Users have until December 16 to vote on fave gay-friendly destinations with winners announced in January—one member who votes will win roundtrip airfare to Berlin for two.


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