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Apr 10 2009
Model Behavior Comments (0)


Inside Best Life (May 2009), top male model and personal trainer Gregg Avedon (shot by Ronald Cadiz) illustrates the magazine's contention that it's "in his forties that a man either begins to grow old or engages in the battle to stay young." He appears to be fully engaged.

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Apr 09 2009
Handle It Comments (4)


Ryan Reynolds (by Richard Phibbs) covers Best Life (May 2009). In it, he says:

"I like to feel in any given situation, in a physical sense, that I can handle myself."

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Feb 06 2009
A Watchman's Man Comments (0)


Described as "a straight-arrow Southern man," Watchmen star Patrick Wilson looks Untitled8 chiseled and sounds alarmingly heterosexual on/in Best Life (March 2009). Along with that woman-lovin'-man intro, the writer mentions that he has fucked Jennifer Love Hewitt and Scarlett Johansson ("who was then 19. (Nineteen!)"), quotes him as saying "As a married man, and out of respect to my wife, I don't need to tell al of my conquests. It's not my style," and uncovers his passion for '80s rock like Motley Crue, Iron Maiden and Journey.

On top of all this, he poses in a cowboy hat in front of a tent on the open range in photos by Richard Phibbs.



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Feb 05 2009
Gray Pride Comments (1)


Sexy mofo Chris Evans is stylin' in (almost imperceptibly different) suits in a Best Life (March 2009) editorial entitled "Finely Toned." Dedicated to "the subleties of gray," this spread was shot by Richard Phibbs, the first photographer to get Chris Evans into a studio without managing to take half-naked pictures of him.

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Nov 22 2008
Letting Anger Get The Best Life Of Him Comments (2)


Sexy Guy Pearce (so riveting in L.A. Confidential and Memento and so fun in The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, among others) suits up for Best Life (Dec 2008/Jan 2009), shot by Richard Phibbs.

Speaking of a period when he did several movies that went Nowheresville, he says:

"Everyone began to annoy the fuck out of me, and everything anybody said was stupid. I was irritable and had no tolerance. If somebody did something slightly wrong, I'd make him feel horrible about it, like, 'You shouldn't even exist because of what you've done, you dickhead.' I was pretty cruel, verbally, though I'd always apologize later, profusely."

Kind of a boner-killer, but more of him is after the jump...

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