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Apr 07 2013
Need To Know: Hooked On ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, Shop Girl, Beyoncé In Cuba, They Should Do It MOORE Often + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureTrailer for the new Carrie looks promising, though Moretz is too pretty, no? JESSICA-WALTER

*widget boy cultureSHUTTERED: R.I.P. Sears Portrait Studios.

*widget boy cultureVIDEO: Madonna thanks locals while in Malawi.

*widget boy culture"Queen of Versailles" denies shopping addiction.

*widget boy cultureSen. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) still worthless.

*widget boy cultureAuthor Craig Laurance Gidney on YA fiction & more.

*widget boy cultureJeremy Irons kind of apologizes.

*widget boy cultureWhy some liberals love—or love to hate—Obama.

*widget boy cultureCase against "Egyptian Jon Stewart" dropped.

*widget boy cultureTrayvon Martin wrongful death civil case settled.

*widget boy cultureKid asked about marriage equality—fundies blow up.

*widget boy cultureAlan Cumming covers IN New York.

*widget boy cultureHOS BEFORE BROS: Looky-looky! It's the Hookies.

*widget boy cultureRick Warren's son commits suicide.

*widget boy cultureArrested Development dish from Jessica Walter.

*widget boy cultureHow does one prepare for a rape scene?

*widget boy cultureMr. & Mrs. Carter vacay in Cuba.

*widget boy cultureAdam Huber = hunk of the day.

*widget boy cultureThe 5 Mary Tyler Moore Show ladies speak of reuniting on Hot in Cleveland:

Mar 30 2013
Need To Know: Joan Cool On Hot In Cleveland, I've Got The Lauer, Marie For Marriage + MORE Comments (4)

Joan rivers 2Isn't Sean Hayes one of Hot in Cleveland's producers?

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers hits HuffPost Live, TRASHES Hot in Cleveland.

*widget boy cultureBlatantly faked "pro-beheading" Muslim call to NY1 dupes gays. Gay-Mike-Epps-shirtless-model

*widget boy cultureAFA radio host's manic anti-gay comments are all too real.

*widget boy cultureJag-off Matt Lauer tweets non-apology to wronged intern.

*widget boy cultureHarry Potter actor dies following heart surgery.

*widget boy culture"Comedian" Mike Epps goes on homophobic Twitter tirade.

*widget boy cultureI MAY FAINT: Marie Osmond is pro-marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Rafael M. lookin' good for Dogo Wear.

*widget boy cultureMarlon Texeira behind-the-scenes.

*widget boy cultureKellan Lutz strips to the waist for Java Heat.

*widget boy cultureGuess who's anti-gay?

*widget boy cultureJust about the funniest thing ever:

ColoredbottomWanted poster

Feb 21 2013
Need To Know Comments (1)
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

*widget boy cultureAbove: How Anderson Cooper helped a friend come out to his parents. Gay-Frank-Ocean

*widget boy cultureOcean is "10, 11 songs deep" into Channel Orange follow-up.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's annual Oscar party is on.

*widget boy cultureStreisand's million-dollar makeover.

*widget boy cultureIt's Debra Messing, you gays!

*widget boy cultureGaga's (now collectible?) tour merch still being pushed.

*widget boy cultureFROCK SHOCK: Lindsay Lohan unfit to care for a dress.

*widget boy cultureFirst person cured of AIDS wants everyone cured.

*widget boy cultureObama urged to issue exec order on LGBT discrimination.

*widget boy cultureUniversal background checks gets major R backer.

*widget boy cultureNew Betty White book has drinking game.

*widget boy cultureTCM's Classic Film Fest adds Ann Blyth, Eva Marie Saint.

Ann shootingGuncrazy

Dec 24 2012
Who's Whew! Comments (0)
The only part of this bizarre '70s game show called Celebrity Whew! that I remember is the animated opening. But it sure was fun watching a full episode, featuring swoon-worthy John Saxon and the legendary Betty White...

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Nov 02 2012
Life's A Bitch Comments (0)

Betty White American Humane Association Hero Dog AwardsIs this skit funny or a dog?

Betty White helps plug The American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards in this Funny Or Die skit

Jul 10 2012
Thank You For Being A Super Friend Comments (4)

Super Golden Friends
Super Golden Friends—a marriage of Golden Girls and Super Friends—is superfunny and supercreative. It's just the opening credits, but that's all it needs to be. The way it captures Superman vamping like Blanche is priceless...

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Jun 28 2012
The Golden Gays Comments (0)

Betty White NE Jul9
According to National Enquirer (July 9, 2012), Betty White has a "lesbian surprise"—which sounds like a delicious dessert recipe. Turns out her stepdaughter is a big ol' dyke. Hm! (On another note: Some friends in L.A. told me Allen Ludden was actually gay—anyone heard/believe that? I hadn't heard it until recently.)

Apr 28 2012
White-Hot In Cleveland: Inside A Hot In Cleveland Taping Comments (5)

BwI know...I kind of hate me, too

01_hot_in_cleveland_s1_setLast weekend, right after hightailing it out of Phyllis Diller's home/art gallery, my starfucker pack and I drove over to CBS Studios, where Brian had gotten us in for a taping of Hot in Cleveland. (Here's how Valerie Bertinelli describes such an outing. Here's a photo album.) This is a show that has steadily grown on me; I think it's got sharp barbs and superb talent, enough to make it a pleasure to watch even when it's having an off episode.

We arrived on time (somehow) and quickly discovered Brian's photo op with Betty White (which he'd earned by virtue of an encounter with Ms. White at a signing and a subsequent correspondence with her assistant, one that generously included a donation to her foundation) was going to mean he'd sit apart from us so he could be escorted to a meet-and-greet with Betty after. I wasn't too crushed as I've met her twice and already have an astoundingly great pic-with co-starring Ms. White, but Rich and especially Don were hoping Brian would be able to spread some of his down home fairydust on the situation.

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