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Jan 09 2012
We're Crucified, Crucified Like Our Saviour Comments (7)

If you, like many, steadfastly avoid the Salvation Army, now is your chance to submit questions for them on gay (or any other) issues—they're meeting with The Bilerico Project to answer charges that they're anti-gay. Visit here to submit questions.

Aug 16 2011
DOMA Get Me Started Comments (1)

The local coroner wouldn't release the dead body of lesbian activist Christina Santiago— ChristinaSantiago killed during the Indiana disaster—to her surviving partner, citing DOMA.


I sincerely hope this indignity is revisited upon that coroner and anyone who supports this action—tenfold.

P.S. The story is now updated to say that her aunt was allowed to claim her body, and the coroner is calling it a "misunderstanding."


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