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Jun 21 2011
I Know What I Like—A Review Of Broadway Bares XXI: Masterpiece! Comments (10)

Img_0646Composite image of Brandon Pereyda from "René Magritte"

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Last night was the twenty-first annual edition of Broadway Bares and the fourth one in a row I've attended. Broadway Bares XXI: Masterpiece! snuck up on me; as I was watching it, I was thinking it wasn't my favorite. However, looking back at pictures and videos, it's obvious that there were some stunning numbers in spite of some pretty cringe-worthy humor interludes. In fact, the full-length musicals in which the night's dancers are currently performing should take notes.

2The David? How about The Brandon! (Rubendall)

IMG_0557 We arrived at Roseland to get in line around 9:30PM, so would have our pick of spots once the show let us in two hours later. Jason and I ran into a bunch of his friends, including Clark Kent, "Hey, Jude," and someone who once dated with Truth Wins Out good-fighter Wayne Besen (I guess his ex-, just not an ex-gay). There was a Bares virgin among us (sounds like a Treasure Media title), but the rest of us knew what to expect inside—skin, bawdy humor and opportunities to slip green into pink and/or brown. (Sidebar: Not just saying that—this year's Bares felt remarkably more racially diverse than past installments.)

Let's just look at Rotation here instead of at the end

IMG_0571 Just past 11:30PM and after the 9:30PM show's patrons had spilled into the streets looking keyed up and, well, drunk, we filed in and beelined to the far side of the middle runway. I was pleased to be right at the stage, yet I'd later realize my "less good" position in previous years had actually been more desirable—I was so close it was tougher to take pictures and, at times, see thanks to the very sweet but confoundingly non-transparent guy in front of me. Making conversation as a go-go boy doled out ones in exchange for twenties, he asked me if I liked that the dancer was wearing a cock ring.

The sea of horny homos looked like Grindr come to life; I didn't check it inside, but I imagine the first 50 guys on my screen would have been 0 feet away.

IMG_0553AKeegan Albrecht paints "Come back to Broadway Bares, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean"

The place was teeming with celebrities along with testosterone, including Wilson Cruz (in my group yet too far for me to chat with), John Benjamin Hickey, Nick Adams, BearCity's Joe Conti, entertainer nonpareil Scott Nevins, Jack Plotnick, Jonathan D. Lovitz and probably more.

While waiting for things to begin, we were treated to watching a cute artiste (Keegan Albrecht) painting an image of James Dean, but it was just as fun watching the pre-show T-shirt vendors attempting to steal the dancers' thunder by baring their buns for a determinedly devoted crew at the end of the middle runway.

Number by number:

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Jun 12 2011
You're The Top (This Time) Comments (7)

Dynamic_resizeEllen Barkin wins for The Normal Heart

Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman singing "if I'm the bottom, you're the top" to Li-mormon-cp-00611054 each other on the Tonys just feels right.

The awards seem to be entirely predictable and entirely correct so far. I haven't seen The Book of Mormon yet, but if EVERYONE loves it, good for it. The Normal Heart is amazing; so happy to see it winning big.


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