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Jun 24 2013
Broadway Bares Recap Is Coming... Comments (1)
Jun 23 2013
More Than You Can Bares Comments (0)

In honor of tonight's dual performances of Broadway Bares, a revisitation of my day with Team New York last week. Don't watch if you're allergic to butts.

Jun 16 2013
Chelsea Panhandlers: Raising $ And Eyebrows For HIV/AIDS Comments (1)

Above, some very easy-on-the-eyes scenes from Team New York's march on Chelsea.

Yesterday, I slavishly ran over to Rufskin in Chelsea (235 W. 19th), where Team New York was making a group personal appearance in order to raise cash to fight AIDS and to become the biggest money-raisers of Broadway Bares. Not necessarily in that order.

The guys, who were (barely) dressed in Speedos and tanks, served drinks and hawked merch to customers, pointing out that Rufskin was donating 30% of all proceeds from afternoon sales to the cause.

Broadway-Bares-1A team you'd love to tag.

Andrew-GlaszekAndrew gets suited up in Rufskin.

GingerTeam New York's MVP gingers, Andrew & Michael.

Broadway-Bares-2There's always time for art...and for selective cropping.

I was lucky enough to tail (literally) my pal Andrew and two other eye-poppers as they marched on Chelsea, invading businesses and personal space with red buckets that were hungry for cash. You'd be surprised how many hot guys will ignore a fellow hot guy when a request for money is involved, so I encouraged the boys to go after softer targets: We gentlemen past 40 are always willing to chat with shirtless youngsters and can often be relied upon to open out wallets to celebrate the occasion.

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Jun 04 2013
Need To Know: Forecast Calls For Ice, Random Hot Guys, Shell Game, Acting Up + MORE Comments (1)

CBS-news-anchorsThis just in: I hate you, you c*nt.

*widget boy cultureCOLD FRONT: These CBS anchors LOATHE each other. Hilarious! Adam Huss

*widget boy cultureRep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-New York) has (treatable) lung cancer.

*widget boy cultureSachi Parker's book about her mom Shirley MacLaine now a play.

*widget boy cultureSean Kushner looks mighty good in them red shorts.

*widget boy cultureAdam Huss is just as hot and muscly.

*widget boy cultureAdorable animals

*widget boy cultureSHELL OF A MAN: A great way to get fired from Taco Bell.

*widget boy cultureSen. Graham (R-S. Carolina): "No evidence" tying Obama to IRS.

*widget boy cultureIllinois marriage-equality sponsors issue apology.

*widget boy cultureReed Kelly offers autograph for Broadway Bares donation.

*widget boy cultureThe definitive post on actresses playing actresses.

*widget boy cultureThe secret behind Alyssa Edwards's worst-ever date.

*widget boy cultureConservatives desperate to halt equality in the UK.

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus is back with crappy new single "We Can't Stop":

May 06 2013
Grindr: The Musical—BROADWAY BARES: SOLO STRIPS Undresses For Success Comments (2)


My pal Jason had to remind me about Broadway Bares: Solo Strips at XL tonight, which I attended following a friend's book-signing. It was pretty crowded, probably because there was only one show this time.


DSC06976I bought an inseam's worth of raffle tickets from the one on the left. I lost, but still won.

The audience contained plenty of Broadway Bares-backers, including many who'd shucked their clothes in the past for the same cause: To raise cash for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Andrew Glaszek and Matthew Steffens were among those scouting the competition. (Okay, okay: Supporting friends. Okay, fine: Ogling friends.)


Above, a gallery filled with sexy bodies and skin, skin, skin

The program was as lean as its stars, featuring short but sweet (more like fast and dirty) performances of the variety that used to get ladies with bad reputations hauled off to the hoosegow just a few decades ago. But as always, the men of Broadway Bares managed to be racy without getting distastefully raunchy. Maybe it's because, as Broadway professionals, they never forget to SMILE.

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Apr 11 2013
Need To Know: House Dropped On Thatcher; Look, Ma...No Underwear!; Safe To Cornhole in MT + MORE! Comments (1)

Ding-Dong-the-witch-is-dead-Margaret-ThatcherGuess witch song is #1?

*widget boy cultureThatcher dies, Judy Garland's "Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead" hits #1 on UK iTunes. Margaret-Hamilton

*widget boy cultureAMAZING remix of "Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead" from 1996.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Obama tears up over gun control.

*widget boy cultureWashington State goes after anti-gay florist.

*widget boy cultureJocks who go commando.

*widget boy culture13 y.o. dachshund has the world's best owner.

*widget boy cultureStacey Dash (who???) vs. Jay-Z & Beyoncé.

*widget boy cultureMontana House decides sodomy is legal after all.

*widget boy cultureRick Santorum disinvited from speaking at MI school.

*widget boy cultureOne of my new favorite artists.

*widget boy cultureBroadway Bares: Solo Strips returns, nakeder than ever. Good cause, great buns.

*widget boy cultureHow do you expect a president to react when you fire her sister? "Uncouth" means "she knows too much."

*widget boy cultureYour chance to meet Constantine Maroulis & Deborah Cox.

*widget boy cultureMen's underwear of the month club:

UNDERWEARThe long and shorts of it

Jan 29 2013
Winter's Boner: A Gallery Of Hotness From Broadway Bares—"Winter Burlesque" Comments (1)
DSC06379 SIdney-Erik-Wright
DSC06492 Lauren-Gemelli
DSC06702 Judah-Gavra
DSC06904 Matthew-Steffens
DSC06910 Adam-Fleming
DSC06939 Sidney-Erik-Wright
DSC06976 Andrew-Glaszek
DSC06948 Sam-J-Cahn
DSC06956 Grant-Thomas a
DSC06959 Justin-Smith
DSC06960 Justin-Smith
DSC06961 Grant-Thomas
DSC06963 Justin-Smith
DSC06964 Sidney-Erik-Wright
DSC06967 dancers
DSC07086 hot-cub
DSC06979 Andrew-Glaszek
DSC07106 Cesar-Abreu
DSC07124 Cesar-Abreu
DSC07126 Steven-Wenslawski
DSC07129 Grant Thomas
DSC07130 Grant-Thomas
DSC07143 dancers
DSC07142 Matthew-Steffens
DSC07154 Matthew-Steffens
DSC07155 Matthew-Steffens
DSC07160 Matthew-Steffens
DSC07170 Andrew-Glaszek

Check out my full Broadway Bares "Winter Burlesque" coverage from yesterday by clicking here, and see all the Work Unfriendly images here. But above, click through a fat gallery of sexy shots that you could conceivably view while your maiden aunt peers over your shoulder.

Jan 28 2013
Winter Thrills: Reviewing Broadway Bares—Winter Burlesque @ XL Comments (10)

[gickr.com]_92ad819b-1b54-7114-9df2-6bb21ca9e494Justin Smith is one "Big Man"

Last night was the Broadway Bares installment "Winter Burlesque," a pastiche of past numbers and new naughtiness that blew hot and hotter on a cold New York night. And to think, it was all to benefit a good cause—Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

*program-Broadway-BaresPlenty of cock 'n' tail for the two-cocktail minimum

*posterNot saying I stole this life-sized Guto Bittencourt poster, just saying it disappeared

DSC07178 hot-cubI arrived less than an hour early and was still one of the first in the house, the house being XL on W. 42nd across the street from my apartment. I planted myself directly in front of the catwalk's end, just behind the section of the club that had been roped off for higher-paying guests who wanted to watch the show from a seated position like civilized perverts. (I got to snap another photo of XL's hottest server, at left, waiting on some.)

DSC06995 dancersMatt Anctil & furry friend were swapping gropes for raffle ticket sales

NOTE: Low-res videos of some of the show's hottest numbers are here. Hi-res and ultra-dirty photos from the show that I am not allowed to reveal on my blog are or will soon be available here. (Follow my tumblr, please.)

I was next to the house videographer and some guys who shyly confessed to being Bares-backers for many years—they own all of the official DVDs and know many of the dancers' names. If only they knew my own past with the show, they'd have realized they were in good company.

DSC07006 Judah-GavraAnd baby got back

The show started with a bang—stunning Judah Gavra emerged, let his coat slip away to reveal his naked ass and then gestured to the title card revealing that the show's first number was to be "Burlesque is Back".

DSC06254 Angie-Schworer
DSC06281 dancing girls
DSC06287 Angie-Schworer

DSC06307 Angie-Schworer

DSC06296 Angie-SchworerLittle Ang

Angie Schworer sang the number, a saucy celebration of the art of getting naked on a stage, with the right amount of humor and bawdy sexiness. She reminded me of Wendi McLendon-Covey meets Jane Krakowski. And speaking of crack, she and her bevy of beauties didn't skimp on the skimpy outfits.

DSC06314 Angie-Schworer-Steven-Wenslawski
DSC06332 Steven-Wenslawski
DSC06341 Steven-WenslawskiWenslawski's "Big Hunk o' Love"

"Fringe Benefits," a classic Bares number with an Elvis theme, may have been performed before, but lead dancer Steven Wenslawski made it his own and made the audience his bitches while he was at it. When he shook his butt at us, it was with all the confidence of someone who knows that while beauty is only skin deep, it's still awfully nice to have it.

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