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Dec 20 2014
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Via centerfold.

Dec 19 2014
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Via 1960's and 1970's Advertisements: The styling hasn't aged well, but both are...gifted. Jack Scalia on the left, I think.

Mr. Man AMERICAN HORROR STORY Gallery! Comments (0)
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The hit series American Horror Story is back with a new season of dark primetime entertainment, this year in a freak show setting. If you thought the previous seasons have been generous with nude male stars, you won't believe this one!

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Check out Matt Bomer in his guest appearance as a young male escort stripping in front of the rich, young and hot serial killer played by Finn Wittrock who is not afraid of showing off some skin of his own! There are plenty of male celebrity meat and bulges to satisfy everyone—step right up!

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Dec 18 2014
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Dec 17 2014
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Via An Objectification.

For Your Thighs Only Comments (0)


Via The Man with a Thousand Faces.

Dec 16 2014
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Via jayahoo.

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