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Sep 30 2013
Auntie Fame: Imagine Cher As Mame Comments (0)

In a new Us (October 7, 2013) piece on "25 Things You Don't Know About" Cher, she reveals the following about a dream movie part:

"I have watched the 1958 film Auntie Mame, with Rosalind Russell, at least 100 times. I would love to play that part in a remake."

My first thought was: How cool would it be if she'd watched "the 1958 film Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell at least 100 times?" What a girls' night in! My second thought was: Who in their right mind wouldn't finance this?

Need To Know: Size XL In A Size S, Madonna's An Amazing Bitch, You Can't Rapey The Willing + MORE Comments (0)

Rafael-AlencarI'm sure Rafael Alencar has heard "it doesn't fit" before.

*widget boy cultureRafael Alencar shows off tiny swimsuit in tiny bathtub. Then brushes his teeth.

*widget boy cultureNew adaptation of The Seagull sounds like it's anything but for the birds.

*widget boy cultureCher never hated "amazing artist" Madonna, just thought "she was a bitch." Madonna-Cher

*widget boy cultureGOTTA BE PUTIN ME ON: Sochi gay scene thriving.

*widget boy cultureCameron tweets support of gay marrieds.

*widget boy cultureOhio gay marriage suit expands.

*widget boy cultureRepublicans HATE our government. Period. Forever.

*widget boy cultureSuit seeks to have gay marriage done in MA recognized in PA.

*widget boy cultureGreg Louganis's wedding registry is completely altruistic.

*widget boy cultureMelissa Gorga not into rape-rape. Just, you know, forcible sex.

*widget boy cultureJinkx Monsoon's The Vaudevillians is extended again. See this!

*widget boy cultureGov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) has a wife who thinks abortion is a "woman's right."

*widget boy cultureSNL's hilarious Girls parody starring Tina Fey.

Tina-Fey-Saturday-Night-Live"Don't speak. If they know you are simple, they will drown you in river."

Sep 28 2013
Cher: 'All My Albums End Up Sad...' Comments (0)
Cher looks great and gives good interview in this chat with Billboard's Keith Caulfield...

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Sep 27 2013
Closer To Cher: Inside Cher's CLOSER TO THE TRUTH Release Party Comments (0)
  CherDSC08942 copy
Cher DSC08910 copy
Cher DSC08908 copy
Cher DSC08943 copy
Cher DSC08960 copy
Cher DSC08974 copy
Cher DSC08976 copy
Cher DSC08996
Perez Hilton DSC08898

What a week—first Madonna, now Cher. It's like a more homosexual version of homosexuality. And yes, I met 'er.

CherAbove: Cher's invite. Below, Madonna's from 1992. Not crying copycat, just loved the similar vibe.


We arrived at Tao on W. 16th just past 7PM for a Closer to the Truth album-release party advertised as running from 7 to 9. I'd heard in advance not to arrive after 7:30, so assumed it would be an early night. It was, even though Cher was at a big Warner Bros. meeting before the festivities so was fashionably late.

Cher DSC08889
Cher DSC08893
Matthew Rettenmund DSC08891
Matthew Rettenmund Denis Ferrara DSC08888The scene before the party, including me with writer extraordinaire Denis Ferrara.

The space wasn't overcrowded and the décor reminded me of how I'd imagine Cher's own living room to look. Great food (which I took...like a man) and free booze, too.

Cher DSC08967 copy
Cher DSC08970 copyWHAT A DRAG!: Three of my favorite shots.

At one point, an amazing (male) Cher impersonator entered, setting off 1,000s of flashes before we realized it was not she. The real Cher surprised us all by entering via  a side door, leading to an avalanche of graying fans in and out of the media.

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Sep 24 2013
Need To Know: Harry Potter Turns Into Freddie Mercury, Cruz Controlled, Save Up All Your Shears + MORE Comments (0)

Lauren-Bacall-coffeeLauren Bacall me, from my head to my cuppa Joe.

*widget boy cultureStorm Queen's new video is plushie heaven.

*widget boy cultureKaty Perry headlines We Can Survive: Music for Life.

*widget boy cultureDesperately Seeking the Exit is pay-what you-can in NYC on Oct. 13.

*widget boy cultureDaniel Radcliffe to play Freddie Mercury?

*widget boy cultureTed Cruz is even stupider than you thought.

*widget boy cultureJake Shears interviews Cher.

Cher-Jake-ShearsScissor Sister covers rocker.

Sep 23 2013
Never Can Say Good-Bye Comments (0)

Featuring her best promo shot in decades, Cher's Dressed to Kill Tour is coming to city near you (maybe) starting in March of 2014.

I want her to re-enact the Angie Dickinson, masturbation-in-the-shower scene from the Brian De Palma movie of the same name. Her mom can be her body double!

Sep 17 2013
Pieces Of News Comments (0)

Planet-Hollywoo-d-BritneyLet's hope the venue experiences no blackouts.

Biggest diva news of the day is that Britney Spears will begin a lengthy residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Vegas. She'll knock down over $300,000 per show over the course of a couple of years. This seems a natural match for her and will sell out regularly, I assume.

Meanwhile, Madonna (no doubt thanks to her new-media-savvy manager, Guy Oseary) continues to branch out in new ways, partnering with BitTorrent for the September 24 premiere of her long-awaited Secret Project with Steven Klein. Loving this image. Very Lizabeth Scott.

Madonna-Secret-ProjectArresting imagery.

That other diva, Cher, is streaming her Closer to the Truth free-fer-nothin' on Amazon right...now!

CHer-Closer-to-the-TruthI love candid photos.

Aug 29 2013
The Truth About Divas Comments (0)

All she's missing is a conservatorship—otherwise, Cher is now Britney Spears.

Oh, and here is the Target Exclusive version. (Remember when gays thought having a Target Exclusive meant you were a homophobe? Ah, memories.)


Aug 28 2013
Need To Know: Bored To Death, Miley The Minstrel, Photographic War-haul + MORE Comments (0)

710108-chris-lane-and-sarah-harperChristopher Lane with his girlfriend.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama addresses shock Christopher Lane thrill kill.

*widget boy cultureBLOOD LIBEL: Pat Robertson says gays deliberately infect people with AIDS rings. Nick-Gruber

*widget boy cultureJustin likes Miley, loves Madonna. (And Janet???)

*widget boy cultureMiley, racist & misappropriatin' little slut female.

*widget boy cultureSPANK THAT PUSSY!

*widget boy cultureAlec Baldwin...needs help.

*widget boy cultureRobbing a bank to get free health care in jail.

*widget boy cultureEminem's new #1 hit "Berzerk" samples "The Stroke."

*widget boy cultureDiarist releases rare Warhol pics, including of Madge.

*widget boy cultureNick Gruber says Calvin Klein was enamored with seducing a straight dude.

*widget boy cultureGay assholes mad at Macklemore for doing equality better.

*widget boy cultureJackie Collins does a dramatic reading of Cher's "Woman's World":

Aug 20 2013
Need To Know: We$tboro Fail, Gold Medal In Bullshit, Out In Africa + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureAbove: Ke$ha's backup dancers pwn Westboro.

*widget boy cultureGov. Chris Christie (R-New Jersey) will "reluctantly" sign bill banning ex-gay therapy. SarriaWW2uniform_1

*widget boy cultureDavid Beckham strips down again.

*widget boy cultureDavid Arquette admits he's fallen off the wagon.

*widget boy cultureGay-rights legend José Julio Sarra passes away at 91.

*widget boy cultureGay bashings in NYC may double this year.

*widget boy cultureAmerican Horror Story: Coven details.

*widget boy cultureHarvey Milk oratorio to debut in 2014.

*widget boy cultureBlack gay Republican running (for office) in Texas.

*widget boy cultureRussian sports minister says anti-gay laws won't "infringe on" Olympics.

*widget boy cultureGay Somali refugees can't go back: "It will be a massacre."

 *widget boy cultureCher's about to drop a video for "Woman's World." It looks like it was a fun set:

CherBreaking news: Cher's back.