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Oct 23 2014
Need To Know: Terror Shooting In Canada + Elvis Photographer Has Left The Building + My Two Bits On 50 Cent + Still-TRUE BLUE + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureFamed Elvis photographer Alfred Wertheimer dies @ 85.

*widget boy cultureIslamic fundamentalist dies during terror shootings in Ottawa.

*widget boy cultureHomophobic 50 Cent joins Cyndi Lauper's pro-gay holiday concert.


*widget boy cultureDo you wanna go as “Sabrina Duncan” for Halloween?

*widget boy cultureBristol Palin cussin' up a STORM after that skankified Alaskan brawl.

*widget boy cultureKeepin' 'em honest, Anderson Cooper confirms: No HIV risk from towels.

*widget boy cultureAnother fucking idiot jumps the White House fence.

*widget boy cultureMichael Brown autopsy report released.


*widget boy cultureMadonna's 28-year-old True Blue hits Top 25 again in the UK.

*widget boy cultureGaga facilitates gay on-stage marriage proposal during her ARTPOP Ball Tour.

*widget boy cultureInsane betch gets caught in chimney.

*widget boy cultureSouth Dakota GOP Senate candidate Mike Rounds is a crook?

*widget boy cultureReporter who wrote critically of gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner (R-IL) resigns.

*widget boy cultureGov. Rick Perry (R-TX) was too quick to play that Ebola card.

*widget boy cultureElizabeth Pena drank herself do death.

*widget boy cultureTina Fey was pissed she could so easily hire Jan Hooks.

*widget boy cultureNew Kimmo Matias album The Ministry of Pornography.

Kimmo-MatthiasAbsolutely no regrets 

Oct 05 2014
11 O' Clock Number: Cyndi Lauper - I'M GONNA BE STRONG Comments (0)


Definitely Cyndi's best to belt...

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Jun 28 2014
It's Raining Divas: Martha Wash, Melba Moore, Billy Porter, Kevin Aviance & The Cast Of MIGHTY REAL On Gay Music History @ Sirius XM Comments (0)

I had so much fun during my visit to Larry Flick's Sirius XM radio show today, during which he was counting down the top gay anthems ever as part of Proud & Loud:A Celebration of Gay Anthems. Spoiler alert: “I Will Survive” came out on top, and yet as we all know, those on the bottom are often just as interesting, if not more.

Martha-Wash-Melba-Moore-Billy-PorterMs. Wash, Ms. Moore and Ms. Porter—3 divas 3

Martha Wash-Melba- MooreMartha's 60, Melba's 68—don't they look good?


Anthony Sylvester Wayne

Anthony Wayne as Sylvester

Anthony Wayne performing

Anthony Wayne plus backups

Anthony Wayne-black white

Anthony WayneAnthony Wayne, Anastacia McCleskey & Jacqueline B. Arnold slaying their star-studded audience.

Case in point, the countdown also featured songs by The Weather Girls and Melba Moore, and both Martha Wash and Ms. Moore were in attendance. It was especially cool that Martha was there, because Larry had invited Anthony Wayne, Jacqueline B. Arnold and Anastacia McCleskey, the cast of Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical, to sing two of the late, great disco diva's best-ever tunes. Martha being one half of the original Weather Girls meant she'd be watching people acting out a sliver of her own personal history.

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May 12 2014
Cher Ecstasy: A Review Of Cher's DRESSED TO KILL TOUR Comments (0)
  CHER DSC05489 copy CHER DSC05520 copy CHER DSC05540 copy CHER DSC05581 copy CHER DSC05581 copy CHER DSC05602 copy CHER DSC05609 copy CHER DSC05619 copy CHER DSC05674 copy CHER DSC05686 copy CHER DSC05743 copy CHER DSC05774 copy CHER DSC05787 copy CHER DSC05814 copy CHER DSC05835 copy CHER DSC05863 copy CHER DSC05899 copy CHER DSC05949 copy CHER DSC06002 copy CHER DSC06008 copy CHER DSC06027 copy CHER DSC06037 copy CHER DSC06047 copy CHER DSC06085 copy CHER DSC06111 copy CHER DSC06230 copy CHER DSC06251 copy CHER DSC06273 copy CHER DSC06284 copy CHER DSC06295 copy CHER DSC06301 copy CHER DSC06338 copy CHER DSC06467 copy CHER DSC06480 copy CHER DSC06483 copy CHER DSC06488 copy CHER DSC06513 copy CHER DSC06571 copy CHER DSC06610 copy CHER DSC06646 copy CHER DSC06699 CHER DSC06717 copy CHER DSC06719 copy

Above: Dozens of Dressed to Kill-er photos!

Continued from here.


When Cher took the Dressed to Kill stage, the venue throbbed like the main artery in the middle of the guiltiest pleasure ever. She appeared beneath a gigantic set of pheasant feathers, adorned in more glitzy accoutrements than one could make from an entire discount bead store. And wearing dreads, a la Cleopatra. Her smile had that inimitable “I know, right?” quality that resides midway between intentional camp and an unapologetic love of all things tacky.

CHER DSC05512 copyBird of a feather

The showgirl had arrived.

She opened the concert with “Woman's World,” her mostly dismissed lead single from her latest album, Closer to the Truth. Heard months after its release as a kick-off tune, it sounds a lot better. Like quite a few of the numbers, it was done to track, but was sold hard by Cher via her facial expressions and easy flaunting of her costume.

CHER DSC05569 copyA bold Cher-'do

She segued seamlessly (or, considering that bold costume, seamfully) into her scandalously underplayed 1998 release “Strong Enough,” which was lost on radio in the wake of “Believe.” Her gladiator-garbed backup dancers bounced around the stage with zero of the coolness of most divas' dancers; it wasn't about being cool, it was about being outrageous and flashy and inciting fun.

The projection behind her resembled a cheesy, vintage electronic one-armed bandit in all its 8bit glory.

CHER DSC05668 copySixty-eight???

Probably the least satisfying aspect of the show was the fact that in order to accommodate the myriad of costume changes, Cher spent a lot of time offstage while her dancers distracted us; it felt like there were several instances in which she sang only one song before disappearing to do a medium-quick change. But this allowed for spectacles like what came next, a gaudy, blood-red, vampire-themed “Dressed to Kill,” an album track from the latest CD.

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May 11 2014
I'll Say!: Cyndi Lauper (With An Assist From Liza Minnelli & Rosie O'Donnell) Opens For Cher Comments (0)
  Cyndi Lauper DSC05432 copy Cyndi Lauper DSC05199 Cyndi Lauper DSC05285 copy Cyndi Lauper DSC05319 copy Cyndi Lauper DSC05340 copy Cyndi Lauper DSC05343 copy Cyndi Lauper DSC05347 copy

7, count 'em, 7 Cyndi snaps in the gallery above

Cher review is here.

I've never seen a full Cher concert. #gayshame Or rather, I'd never seen one—until Friday, when I rectified that grave oversight.

I loved Cher when I was a kid, staying up past my bedtime to watch her endlessly entertaining, kitschapalooza of a variety show with Sonny, then lost interest when her promising acting career (Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean and Silkwood are amazing) became a bit mainstream for my taste. I snapped out of my Cher love when she hit her schlock-rock/infomercial/Madonna-bashing phase.

Cyndi Lauper DSC05276 copyBitch is so grounded, she does her own lighting!

But over the years, Cher has won me back time and again. I personally don't see her as a compelling artist so much as a true original, which can be just as transfixing and important in its own way. She is a personality always worth listening to and watching. And I've thoroughly enjoyed both her Twitter proclamations and her post-“Believe” disco, the latter of which I believe is far superior to at least some of the music she made during the original Disco Era.

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Mar 26 2014
Good Enough? Comments (0)


You be the judge whether "Rules and Regulations," a She's So Unusual outtake just now surfacing, should have made Cyndi Lauper's iconic debut album. To me, it sounds good but sounds too Blue Angel to have fit. But there's no knowing what a final mix would've sounded like, either.

Feb 26 2014
Thou Shalt (Not) Kill Comments (0)

As-I-Lay-Dying-Tim-Lambesis-Hitman-Murder-604x604Killer hooks

Timothy Lambesis, the lead singer of the Christian metal band As I Lay Dying, has pled guilty to arranging a hit on his wife. How Biblical of him.

Dec 07 2013
Need To Know: Beauty King, Witten's Tight End, There Are Worse Things Madonna's Daughter Could Do + MORE! Comments (0)

DecMr Gay2This queen is King of the Gays. (Good choice!)

*widget boy cultureMr. Gay U.K. 2013 is crowned.

*widget boy cultureUnite, an LGBT biz mag, launches with Cyndi Lauper on the cover.

*widget boy cultureAnother way to enjoy OMG Blog.

*widget boy cultureJason Witten uses his tight end to sell jeans.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Lola slays in Grease.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's ex-trainer REALLY hates juicing. (The other kind.)

*widget boy cultureHot model Pierre Bourricaud.

*widget boy cultureTool from South Carolina won't put flags at half-mast for FOREIGNER Nelson Mandela.

*widget boy cultureHottie Joseph Eid's Housing Works show is a can't-miss on December 17 in NYC.

Joseph-EidHe's only HUMAN.