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Jul 03 2014
Need To Know: Drag Me To Hell + Holy War + Last Call For ALL IN THE FAMILY's Kelsey + Boy Band Anti-Bullies + MORE! Comments (0)

Mama-TitsTits a kind of magic

*widget boy cultureMama Tits shuts down anti-gay protesters, knows Bible better than they do.

*widget boy culturePost-Hobby Lobby, companies want religious exemption from LGBT anti-discrimination.

*widget boy cultureAnother phony reality show for Tori Spelling.

*widget boy cultureMcHale's Navy and All in the Family's Bob Hastings dies at 89.

*widget boy cultureDavid Beckham gets scruffy in his undies.

*widget boy cultureAT THE MOVIE$: Help this doc about lesbian families in the Deep South.

*widget boy cultureFormer fattie loses show over oops-level Instagram comment chased with insults.

*widget boy culturePeter Paige, unsung LGBT hero.

*widget boy cultureNicki Minaj issues meandering Iggy Azalea statement.

*widget boy cultureFindADeath.com finds Mickey Rooney casket photo.

*widget boy cultureCute, comical boy group The Cream Pies releases anti-bullying video.


Apr 04 2014
Need To Know: Bringing Becksy Back, Out-Firefoxed, Deen's Last Supper + MORE! Comments (0)

DAVID-BECKHAMHe almost looks annoyed to be so hot.

Boy-CultureStill more David Beckham skin revealed.

Boy-CultureAnti-gay Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has resigned.

Boy-CultureConservagay Andrew Sullivan blames “left-Liberal intolerance.”

Boy-CultureNo, gays don't want Christians dead.

Boy-CultureJohn Waters gets animated.

Boy-CulturePaula Deen's racism-friendly restaurant closes.

Boy-CultureBruce Jenner closer than ever to fully transitioning.

Boy-CultureDavid Letterman is retiring in 2015.

Late NightLetterman's first guest was Bill Murray.

Nov 30 2013
Need To Know: Beat It Like Beckham, Up In Arms Over BOOTS, It's Not Easy Being Gaga, Can't Tip You Because I Disagree With Your LIE-festyle + MORE! Comments (0)

Clayton-BlackmoreSpunky Spewster

*widget boy cultureDavid Beckham admits he masturbated onto a picture of the guy above.

*widget boy cultureSex and the City editor dies at 59.

*widget boy cultureDrag at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade riles up the cretins.

*widget boy cultureThe parade could've been way gayer. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureGaga's album and Muppets special both turkeys. So was Glee.

*widget boy cultureRichard Simmons pouts about Obamas, sells out (insanely) to FOX.

*widget boy cultureDominican Republic Evangelicals skeeved out by gay ambassador.

*widget boy cultureRobbie Williams spanked for gay stereotyping.

Robbie-WilliamsHe says he's 49% gay. As long as the area from navel to knees is included, we're in.

*widget boy cultureDON'T TRY LATCH-HOOKING: The art of knitting from your vagina.

*widget boy cultureSomeone gay just discovered PhotoShop.

*widget boy cultureObamacare Web site: Act 2.

*widget boy cultureHillary sittin' pretty for 2016. In 2013.

*widget boy cultureUm...THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.

*widget boy cultureObamas may stay in DC post-presidency.

*widget boy cultureTexas gives up, extends benefits to gay National Guard couples.

*widget boy cultureMost recent tipless gay waitperson probably lied.

*widget boy cultureAxiom for Men model Stuart Reardon speaks.

Axiom-for-Men-Stuart-ReardonI'd love to interview him, too. Hard.

Jun 30 2013
Straight Allies: A Pride Day Gallery Comments (0)

This is the latest in a series of articles for Boy Culture by The Underwear Expert.

Pride Month... it's not just for gay people anymore!

Okay, so it is about gay people, but gays aren't the only ones that get to celebrate during the month of June. We can't forgot gay allies out there that play a pivotal role in the gay-rights movement and in the lives of us all. With out those understanding and forward-thinking straight men and women in our lives, Pride would not be nearly as joyous. So let's take a moment to focus in on the straight-but-not-narrow men that have stood up for gay rights throughout the years.

In the assembled gallery, we've gathered 10 celebrities from various forms of entertainment. We've got movie stars, athletes, Broadway actors, TV stars, and, oh, yeah, underwear models. And the one thing they have in common (besides the fact that they look oh-so-good with their shirts off) is that they are all gay-friendly men.

Take a look at our gallery of 10 Straight Men Full of Pride (in order: Alex Minsky, Ben Cohen, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Chris Pine, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Chris Kluwe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Daniel Radcliffe, Stephen Amell), and make sure to thank a straight ally in your life before Pride Month is over.

May 16 2013
End It Like Beckham Comments (0)

BeckhamSmuggling two soccer balls with him on his way out the door.

You won't have Beckham to kick around anymore: David Beckham has announced he is turning his back (thank God!) on soccer after this season, saying he wants to go out on top (one hopes!). Good for him, and best of luck with life as a famous fantasy lay.

Mar 22 2013
Guess Who? Don't Screw. Comments (4)
Guess which straight guy owns this fine specimen?
Feb 06 2013
Need To Know Comments (3)

Dave-Franco-shirtlessI volunteer to be the judge

*widget boy cultureDave Franco enters a penis competition.

*widget boy cultureIt's National Gay-Straight Alliance Day. Stamp

*widget boy cultureMarriage equality for Delaware?

*widget boy cultureCANCELED: Saturday mail delivery ends.

*widget boy cultureWest Point's cutest cadet couple.

*widget boy cultureStrom Thurmond's love child dies at 87.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's MDNA auction for Sandy.

*widget boy cultureBoxer Ogogo's bulging went Speedo.

*widget boy cultureGuy Ritchie & David Beckham for H&M.

JqKKaBwGoing to the movies? Then why are you pickin' your seat?

Nov 19 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Ann-Miller-Judy-Garland-Liza-Minnelli-hoarderListen, Darling...you need help!

Widget boy cultureHoarder Ann Miller receives a posthumous intervention.

Widget boy cultureBeing ex-gay can be murder.

Widget boy cultureAnti-gay NH lawyer arrested for child porn while in court.

Widget boy cultureKevin "Elmo" Clash's accuser says he lied about lying.

Widget boy cultureP!nk's latest acrobatic wonder.

Widget boy cultureSen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) to Romney: "Stop digging." Chinese-grandfather-models-tween-clothes

Widget boy cultureGlee's Dean Geyer for Bello.

Widget boy cultureAlaskan newbie (age 23) leading longtime incumbent by 28 votes.

Widget boy cultureChinese grandpa models tween clothes, goes viral.

Widget boy cultureWhen "public domain" isn't the end of the story.

Widget boy cultureBlond...James Blond: Daniel Craig with long hair

Widget boy cultureThe Beckhams' kid has a future as a cheerleader.

Widget boy cultureForty-year-old gay-recruitment poster art.

GAY-try-itSeventies ad: I'd like to buy the world a cock...