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Mar 17 2014
Need To Know: A League Of Her THRONE, War Crimea, SHINING Examples, You're Sh*ttin' Me, Lady Gag-Gag, How You Dune? + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureMadonna changed a girl's life, has awesome purim outfit that would be a cool look.

*widget boy cultureFake Crimean secession vote goes 93% for joining Russia.

*widget boy cultureThe Shining twins...as they appear now!

*widget boy cultureTahj Mowry naked selfie?

*widget boy cultureTop 10 public penises of D.C.

*widget boy cultureChristina Aguilera's f*ck list is more diverse than Lindsay's!

*widget boy cultureShe eats lesser divas for breakfast, but what does Michelle Visage eat for lunch?

*widget boy cultureBoston's mayor is boycotting St. Patty's Anti-Gay Parade. Guinness spanked.

*widget boy cultureHave you visited my DIRTY Tumblr?

*widget boy cultureUgly, Ugly Emptiness strikes again:


*widget boy cultureGreat moments in passive-aggression.

*widget boy cultureYou've seen the 1st kiss & 1st HJ, now the 1st #2.

*widget boy cultureAwesome Drag Race art prints.

*widget boy cultureBilly Graham's successor loves Putin. Remember this.

*widget boy cultureIs this even "Better Than Dancing"?

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga makes Demi Lovato NOT want to puke.

*widget boy cultureSixty years ago, a peek at lust in the dust:

BeefcakeSand how!

Dec 19 2013
Need To Know: Duck Off; Super Cooper; Oh, Danny's Boys; Bieber Abdicates + MORE! Comments (0)

Phil-RobertsonHe had a right to talk trash, he talked trash, it had consequences. What's not to understand?

*widget boy culturePeople defending the Duck Dynasty douche's "free speech" don't get the concept. Adonis-dancer

*widget boy cultureDD dude is blissfully oblivious.

*widget boy cultureThe dancer at right will be here this weekend.

*widget boy cultureBradley Cooper is this fucking cute and can't help it.

*widget boy cultureDA CUBS: Bear Hill video.

*widget boy cultureInside a gay club in Sochi, Russia.

*widget boy cultureDanny Fitzgerald's first photo exhibit comes 13 years after his death. And it's amazing.

Hot-shirtless-boysBrooklyn bombshells

*widget boy cultureDJ Kidd Kraddick's fascinating life and shocking death. Hutcherson

*widget boy cultureOpenly gay swimmers and divers.

*widget boy cultureDemi Lovato leaving X Factor.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber leaving entertainment.

*widget boy cultureThe Voice's finale disappoints.

*widget boy cultureWhich popstar has hired Black Spark?

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay preacher Ken Hutcherson dies of cancer.

*widget boy cultureImagine making your body do this?

*widget boy cultureIf you're hesitating on Obamacare, watch this and get hard enrolled: 

Dec 02 2013
Joe Jonas's Teen-Idol Exit Interview Comments (0)

Joe-Jonas-BrothersDisney was not his cup of tea.

Having worked with the Jonas Brothers for years (we're not besties, but they know me and I would Jonas-Brothershope think positively of me, as I do of them), perhaps I am more interested in Joe Jonas's extremely candid mini-memoir he narrated to Jennifer Vineyard at New York's Vulture.

Among his revelations: He's "not religious in any way" (which stands in stark contrast to the boys' very public religious image from those years) following disenchantment with the strict church he grew up in, he did engage in sexual activity as a teenager but says he lost his virginity at 20 and is glad he didn't "go there" with any "bathshit crazy" girls from his past, and yes, the whole Disney machine really did do a number on his head.

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Nov 25 2013
They Got Into The Groove Comments (0)

Apparently, Glee isn't out of Madonna songs to cover after all...now it's "Into the Groove," by Chris Colfer (with an assist by Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert).

Aug 29 2013
Disney Channel: After Hours Comments (0)

From here: I've worked with every one of these girls and have interviewed them and watched their careers from Day One. I was the first magazine editor to put Hilary Duff on a magazine cover, which directly led to quite a string of those. So I know whereof I speak when I say that as fascinating as this is (it can also be read as darkly slut-shaming, a #ruinedchildhood meme), it's really no different from what happens to most girls—they go from total innocence to not so much. (Granted, these images are exaggerated as they're all actresses and singers.)

But what's even more interesting to me about this clever image is the implied expectation that they would have stayed total innocents forever in the first place.

The Disney/performing aspect is probably responsible for making them old beyond their years—Miley and Hilary were having adult conversations, very adult, at 15, 16, and making business decisions you or I would feel torn about.

Apr 24 2013
WIN IT: Demi Lovato HEART ATTACK Remixes! Comments (81)

I've got 10 copies of the remixes of Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack" to give away!

To enter for your chance to win, simply comment this post with your favorite dance song of the past year. I'll pick 10 of you at random to win 1 week from today at 5PM ET. (U.S. residents only.)

Good luck!

Apr 23 2013
I'm Comin', Elizabeth! Comments (3)

She could be a pill to work with at times, but if I were a teenager, I think Demi Lovato might be my goddess. As it is, she has made some good music, including her new single "Heart Attack" from her album Demi, out May 14.

Check out the remixes after the jump...

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Nov 08 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Junior-Magazine-shirtless-gay-kissLoose lips

Widget boy cultureLike Kissin' Yer Mister: Junior's hot, hot cover.

Widget boy cultureKe$ha's video for "Die Young."

Widget boy cultureGay and handy in the kitchen? Gotta love The Flaming Chef. Bette-Midler-Oprah

Widget boy cultureOprah to Bette Midler: "You're in your sixties!"

Widget boy cultureChristopher Ciccone follows sis Madonna on a Gloss cover.

Widget boy cultureGaga fans burn Madonna in efitted-T.

Widget boy cultureChinese condom ad keeps it classy.

Widget boy culturePresident Obama won eight of the country's 10 richest counties.

Widget boy cultureChanging demos doomed Republicans.

Widget boy cultureCrybabies: White People Mourning Mitt Romney.

Widget boy culturePregnancy test joke leads to testicular-cancer diagnosis.

Widget boy cultureModern Family star removed from home amidst abuse allegations.

Widget boy cultureVH1 Divas special includes Miley (19), Demi (20) & Jordin (22).

Widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): For those in need of a beard.

Hot-man-beardHere come the fuzz!

Sep 21 2012
Iron Lung Comments (3)
Panda Ross
Forty-two-year-old Panda Ross was deemed "entertaining" and "charming" by Britney Spears, and everyone else on The X-Factor liked her, too...

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May 16 2012
Don't Cross Me Comments (1)

580245492Click me to see why I'm funny

With thanks to Brad: The above, apparently real gif, speaks for itself. I wonder if her conservator gets to call in and override Britney's input? At least Britney is a bona fide star, one in possession of whatever the legendary X factor of her new gig's title is.