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May 23 2012
Summer's Eva Comments (4)

An impressive performance of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" by the late Donna Summer...

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Mar 31 2012
Need To Go Basis Comments (4)

Web-endoftherainbow1318rMichael Cumpsty & Tracie Bennett

Some shows I have yet to see but need to or soon will include End of the Rainbow (above, with thanks to Charles for the tip), about Judy Garland's finale on earth, Carrie: The Musical (below), which I'm seeing tonight...

120323_MCC_Carrie-HomepageMolly Ranson

...the revival of Evita (below), for which I have tickets this week, the night before its official opening...

PreviewScreenSnapz001Elena Roger

...Gore Vidal's The Best Man (below), partly because I like Vidal and partly because I've been trying to see Angela Lansbury in most everything she does (Deuce, Blithe Spirit) considering she can't be doing this much longer...

SafariScreenSnapz001James Earl Jones, John Larroquette, Candice Bergen, Eric McCormack, Angela Lansbury

...and, of course, Venus in Fur (below), which my cub reporter Jason saw and loved:

JP-VENUS-articleLargeNina Arianda & Hugh Dancy

What else do I need to see?

Sep 01 2011
My Fave Madonna Picture In Forever Comments (9)

Via Nathaniel @ Towleroad: Madonna looks fab at the screening of W.E. She also looks happy. Unlike the Body of Evidence and Swept Away eras, when she must have realized, belatedly, that those movies were utter shit and that the critical drubbing she was receiving was in a twisted way deserved, I think the mixed reviews W.E. is engendering are rolling off her back because, as happened when Evita came out to mixed (but, so far, more positive) reviews, she was secure in the knowledge that she'd made something that was at least fucking good.

Speaking of good Madonna pictures, here is the entire Venice Q&A.

Nov 09 2010
Go Ahead...Cry For Her Comments (28)

Elaine Paige of Evita fame has a new single in "Take a Bow," a cover of the Madonna/Babyface single that is officially the biggest U.S. chart hit of Madonna's entire career. (Puke!)

Granted, I've never been a fan of this song, but...I have to say: Paige really sucks on it. It's a trainwreck...

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Aug 17 2009
"Do We Wanna Be Accepted By Hollywood? NO!" Comments (2)

Snake-eyes-1993-02-gPerhaps Madonna's finest screen performance...Snake Eyes aka Dangerous Game.

Come join the party for a belated 51st-birthday tribute to Madonna and the movies at Film Experience Blog.
Dec 05 2008
A League Of Her Peron Comments (11)

You had to know this was coming—but it's still an exciting moment: Madonna blended "You Must Love Me" into "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" while performing in Buenos Aires. (Kinda hard to hear her dulcet tones over the dudes standing near the video, but...she sounds GREAT!):

I only wish she would have saved this for her next tour as it is a major, major song she has never toured with before—I guess she still needs our love after all that she's done. Has Madonna ever sung this song live anywhere? I might be forgetting, but I don't think so. (The coy, pre-Evita Girlie Show moment from Argentina doesn't count.) Then again, this was not the full song, so...let's hope for this, "Dress You Up," "Open Your Heart," "Cherish," "Physical Attraction," "Beautiful Stranger" and some other relatively rare gems next time.

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