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Dec 14 2012
Who's Gay, Who's Not, Who's Writing This? Comments (2)

National Examiner (December 24, 2012) takes its crack at the shopworn "Who's Gay Who's Not!" cover story, muddying the waters by placing Keanu Reeves (not out), Lily Tomlin (out) and David Hyde Pierce (out) under "New Stars Come Out!" (Lily's been out for many years, David's been out for several.)

The most interesting write-up involves Rush Limbaugh:

"The 61-year-old conservative radio host has been married four times—his latest wife, Kathryn, is only 35.

"But he's never had any children, and he's long been the subject of homosexual rumors.

"In 2006, he was snared in a bizarre sex scandal when customs officers at Palm Beach International Airport found a bottle of 29 sex-boosting Viagra pills in his luggage—with the prescription written out in another man's name! At that time, he was flying home from a visit to the Dominican Republic, dubbd the 'sex capital of the Caribbean,' famous for its many red-light districts where young boys and girls sell their bodies for sex...

"The whispers in chi-chi Palm Beach, Fla., where Limbaugh has a $40 million compound, are that currently, Kathryn spends a lot of 'quality time' in her own nearby condo, which was a wedding present from her groom."

Here are the rag's conclusions...

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Nov 09 2012
The Clooney Bin Comments (5)

Globe-gay-rumors-George-Clooney-sister copy
George Clooney's sister, Adelia "Ada" Zeidler, has granted an exclusive interview to Globe (November 19, 2012) in which she talks about his thoughts on marriage and parenting. She also comments on those persistent rumors that he's secretly gay:

"'That's ridiculous. We don't even listen when people say things like that.'

"In fact, Ada, 52, says her 51-year-old brother was a lady killer even in high school.

"'He had several girlfriends back then,' she reveals."

Okay, gays: Hands up if you had girlfriends in high school!

Jul 26 2012
Oh, My Kelly Clarkson! Comments (5)

National Examiner Anderson Cooper gay George Clooney Kelly Clarkson John Travolta Matt Bomer Mariska Hargitay
National Examiner (August 6, 2012...A.D.?) is on the case of Anderson Cooper's semi-recent coming out and asks: "Who's next?" Of course they just mean who will come out as gay next, but I like to read it as if it's a virus that's catching. If it were, I think a couple of the people on that cover have yet to be exposed to it. And then there's Matt Bomer, who's already out. Though he's identified as gay inside. Actually, it's said as such:

"White Collar star Matt Bomer also runs with the boys."

This is an event held near Pamplona and the rivalry is bitter.

The story says "New Stars Come Out!" and claims Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Seacrest, Mariska Hargitay ("the gay grapevine in New York City hangs heavy with rumors about the star"), Zac Efron and Alex Trebek might be gay.

Mar 26 2012
The Closest Thing To Perfect That I've Ever Seen? Comments (11)


Star's special The Best, Worst & Most Shocking Plastic Surgery special says the above guy is the perfect man—a combination of Hollywood's best attributes. To see who makes up his features (and to see his female counterpart), keep reading...

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Mar 04 2012
The Monster That 8 California Comments (3)

Proposition 8 Jamie Lee Curtis Chrisine Lahti Matt Bomer Matthew Morrison

To see the full reading of Dustin Lance Black's 8 as staged in L.A. this weekend, keep reading...

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Feb 27 2012
"I'm sure Sacha Baron Cohen isn't the first gent to soil one of Ryan Seacrest's outfits." Comments (9)

Angelina jolie jim rash jeffy popVia Jeffy Pop


Here are all my Oscars red carpet and telecast thoughts, compiled into one handy volume from Facebook. Horrible show. Obvious highlights would be Cirque du Soleil, Jim Rash soft-mocking Angelina Jolie and—can't believe this part was a highlight this year!—the lovely "in memoriam" section, even if Esperanza Spalding 100% lip-synched due to the complicated nature of the audio and the producers' decision to cut out any disparity in the amount of applause for some corpses over others.

Billy Crystal was totally off and should not host again, even though he did improve later on and his naughty political jabs were funniest. Neil Patrick Harris should expect a phone call soon if he hasn't already received it.

Here ya go. Thoughts?

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Feb 25 2012
Memories For The Thanks Comments (0)


Loved Nathaniel's analysis of the past 10 years' acceptance speeches at the Oscars! It's interesting to see who's remembered, who's forgotten and how beloved Meryl Streep is.

Dec 15 2011
Masterpiece Theater Comments (2)

Sorry my posts have been light in recent weeks; I've traveled to Las Vegas, L.A. and Paris, and tomorrow go to Chicago. Then I'll be stationary for a few months. I hope the eye candy and Madonna updates will soon be spiked with more variety. Until then...

MadonnaMasterpieceCongrats to Madonna for getting a Golden Globes nomination for "Masterpiece," a gorgeous song that would ordinarily be an Oscar nom shoo-in if it weren't for the fact that so far, the Academy has shunned nominating any song on which Madonna has writing credits. This could be the year they throw her a bone, though, considering the weak competition and Weinstein pushing hard for any kind of recognition for W.E.

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