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Nov 24 2014
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MusclesHot muscles over at my Instagram

Nov 23 2014
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Muscle-studMy iPhone captures all the hotties...right here!

Nov 22 2014
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Hot-scruffy-guyHot, scruffy guys and other types at my Instagram

Nov 21 2014
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Hot-face-hot-armsSupersexy guys galore at my Instagram

20 Important Pictures From The Party For The 20th Annual OUT100 List Comments (0)


#1 After my question to him at last year's OUT100 on being a sex symbol, I finally got to more formally meet the adorable Brian Sims...who debuted his boyfriend at the event. (Not me.)


#2 After receiving a smattering of boos (the gays love their PrEP) and lots of cheers, Zachary Quinto still decided not to deliver a long speech since the Stage 48 crowd was rambunctious and drunk. After he accepted his award, host Lea DeLaria noted that the world is divided between those who did and those who did not see him in The Glass Menagerie:

#3 Speaking of which, yes, she did reference riding the fucking subway.


#4 Several Macy's models stood around looking like this and being judged by a room filled with gay men.


#5 Charming Samira Wiley thanked all of OUT's staff and her amazing parents for her award.

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Nov 20 2014
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Young-and-hotSupercute guys galore at my Instagram

Nov 19 2014
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Hot-dudeHot men on the streets of NYC here

Nov 18 2014
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Hot-businessman-on-subwayLots of candid hotness at my Instagram