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Oct 01 2015
Front-Loaded: Shawn Alexander Comments (0)
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Enjoy Shawn Alexander Ergowear as shot by Armando Adajar.
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Nothing to see here...just Chandler Parsons getting down with a cowbell. 󾇑󾓲(via https://instagram.com/chandlerparsons/)

Posted by Bleacher Report on Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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Hot model Thomas Keal, who looks better and better by the day. One more after the jump ...

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Need To Know: Big Things Come In Big Packages + Ginger's Roots? + White Dog + Dem Donors + Freeman Freeballing + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureHe's bulge-tastic. Images

*widget boy cultureIs Prince Harry ready to settle down ... or not?

*widget boy cultureHBO's Westworld has a sex-obsessed contract actors must sign.

*widget boy cultureWHO wants you on PrEP.

*widget boy cultureMeet albino pup Gizmo.

*widget boy cultureCome on, Meryl, you can't even say you're a feminist?

*widget boy cultureCarol Burnett laments late-night glass ceiling.

*widget boy cultureMy guess: Biden doesn't run. Just my guess.

*widget boy cultureHillary & Bernie raising tons of cash.

*widget boy cultureHouse Majority Leader admits Benghazi panel is to torpedo HRC's campaign.

*widget boy cultureScientology link to Jim Carrey's ex, who committed suicide?

*widget boy cultureHunky Griffin Freeman naked, after the jump ...

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