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Sep 18 2014
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Alessandro Gassman

Alessandro Gassman (b. February 24, 1965). Loved him in Steam: The Turkish Bath (1997).

Sep 17 2014
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This is the latest in a series of posts by Underwear Expert

Thirty-one-year-old Baskit model Marvin Garcia opens up (not just his pants) to Underwear Expert. Sample exchange:

Underwear Expert: How did you first get involved with modeling for them?

Marvin Garcia: There was a charity event. Every year in San Diego for the kickoff pride party, the charity raises money and there was a fashion show. We were modeling and then Rich [Mackey], the photographer, saw both us liked, liked what he saw and picked us up.

UE: What is it like getting to join your boyfriend in a photo shoot? 

MG: Well since I haven’t been modeling as much, I learn a lot from him. He’s kind of almost like that mentor that I never had. Whenever I’m say doing a solo shoot or he’s right next to me, he’s always there by my side to guide me. Modeling is boring to me. It never registered in my mind that I would model.

UE: What is the best experience you’ve had during a photo shoot, with Baskit or anyone else?

MG: I love art, anything that has to do with art, I will definitely jump on it. Nelson got me into it, I never thought that I was actually a model. For me it’s kind of like a challenge that I would definitely take on. Because I’d always think of that stigma, like ‘oh you have to be tall and big,’ but Nelson definitely broke me out of that hole got me out of that stigma.

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Mike-ComrieHilary Duff with her ex, Mike Comrie, a true DILF of Disney

Via BuzzFeed: Someone finally invented DILFs of Disneyland, an Instagram of hot dads at Disney. Predictably, some of the commenters are railing against the objectification of men. Sorry, as long as there is a difference in how men and women are treated in our culture, it will never be possible to say same/same on this issue. Like Black History Month doesn't mean a White History Month is same/same.

I, of course, have a similar Instagram. I avoid showing kids in the background. Otherwise, I've said it before and will say it again: Public is not private.

And in agreement with a hysterical comment at BuzzFeed, DILFs of Disneyland isn't Fat Fucks of Disneyland, so get over it.

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No wonder Goldie hasn't worked much in the past couple of decades! Kurt Russell as he appeared in 1983.

Sep 16 2014
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Billy Reilich, the stud playing “Nick the Gardener” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (also of The Cream Pies fame) has his own Facebook page now.