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Nov 03 2010
The Mourning After: And Now For Thumping Completely Different Comments (7)

More election thoughts and observations:

It still sucks this morning...I was thinking of calling in Democratic!

Democrats should be proud of what they accomplished in the past two years. Those who are not proud were either defeated or should be. Stuff got done—big stuff. Americans don't hate Democrats. Americans don't love Republicans. They dislike them both equally, or dislike Democrats a tad less. But voters are fucking pissed off at the economy and at waiting around for their lives to improve. And they hate the idea of a deficit to the point that they blindly don't realize the stimulus helped stave off a second Great Depression. That's all hard to address (for both parties, actually), but it's easier to address than, say, being hated.

Obama-spotlightx-large Obama's presser today will be historic. I hope in the good or at least not bad way. If I were him, I would sound a conciliatory note (no baseball bats—see below) yet I would draw some progressive lines in the sand. His only hope for re-election rides on re-engaging the left (the youth vote had better things to do last night and the black vote was somewhat depressed) because going even more centrist (he's already more in the middle than Malcolm) is not going to win him even one right-winger's vote. The Blue Dog Democrats were CRUSHED last night—so he shouldn't become one. His differences with Bill Clinton—the last Democratic prez in this position at this point in a presidency—may be skin-deep, but that's plenty deep enough for the teabaggers. Trust. Of course, this presumes Obama is his party's nominee in '12, a provision that had to be made regarding Reagan and Clinton before him at the same points in their presidencies, but one that nonetheless needs to be made here again.

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Mar 02 2010
You Can't Run Comments (0)


Harold Ford Jr. has decided not to run for the Senate in New York after all.

Was it something we said? 

Feb 02 2010
Ford Gets Gored Comments (1)
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I love how smarmy Harold Ford Jr. refers to Kirsten Gillibrand as the "young lady" he hopes to unseat. Also, he tries to explain all of his shifting positions, but Stephen Colbert eats him for breakfast. The most scathing and telling moment is when Ford—perhaps used to being a fave on FOX—pointedly brings up President Obama's position against same-sex marriage...in exactly the same way Republicans do...in order to make his own position look better. That should be a lightbulb moment.

And for fuck's sake, can't Stewart and Colbert run on a ticket in the near future?


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