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Oct 25 2010
Cumming At Ya: This Gay Isn't Sitting Out ANYTHING Comments (5)

The Associated Press—which has become remarkably, consistently pro-Republican in recent years—is behind a much-talked-out story positing that gays might be sitting out this election or even voting against the Democrats.

Hilariously, HuffingtonPost decided that the opinion of Alan Cumming was worthy of front-page, top-headline treatment. No offense intended to Cumming, a fine actor and intelligent person, but I don't think his opinion holds that much weight with the gay community let alone with a broad cross-section of Democrats. I suppose the importance of his words was weighted by his obscenely hyperbolic statement that Obama has done "diddly squat" for gay rights.

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May 22 2010
Happy Harvey Milk Day! Comments (2)
Mar 21 2010
Here's To Your Health!!! Comments (0)

Bart_stupak_official_109th_congress_photo Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) got his executive order from the prez reaffirming what did not need to be reaffirmed, that the government won't pay for abortions—ever. In the end, he caved...just like a Democrat! (Ouch, self-wounding.) Thank you for voting for HCR, Rep. Stupak, Now let's primary him (via Connie Saltonstall) out of existence. The fewer quasi-Democrats we have, the better.

I've certainly been disappointed with President Obama's approach to the health care battle, but give him this—Obama is going to win it, and he has shown remarkable stamina in so doing. I hope he's learned not to be so timid going forward—Don't Ask, Don't Tell might be a good tell as to whether or not that is the case. (Winning becomes him—his Gallup daily approval rating shot up three points today to 50%.)


She speaks...not so softly. But still carries a big gavel. 

Slide_5497_74998_large Speaking of Democrats, there is no braver Democrat that Speaker of the House Pelosi. Having been around for the Milk/Moscone assassinations, she certainly hasn't shied away from public life. When she says "we don't have the votes," that's all it means—it never means "I'm too scared to try." And when she says "we have the votes," get out of the way, motherfuckers. P.S. She's going to use a gigantic gavel when the HCR vote occurs today, the same gavel used by the father of Rep. John Dingell (D-Michigan) to gavel in Medicare.


Free speech or death threats?

You remember Medicare, right, Teabaggers? It's that government program you're only too happy to use for what ails you in-between disrupting Congress, hurling slurs and making death threats over a bill meant to save lives.

Oct 12 2009
Gimme Strength! Comments (0)
Perhaps getting back to his roots, Governator (he definitely helped terminate California's economy) Schwarzenegger signed into law three big LGBT bills: Harvey Milk Day (which he's previously vetoed for no good reason at all), an LGBT domestic violence bill and the Family Protection and Marriage Recogition Act.

Idiotically, he said the press garnered by the movie Milk helped change the tide on Milk Day. Once a movie star, always a movie star. Milk deserved a day last year as much as this year. But hey, we'll take it.

Aug 12 2009
Freedom, I Won't Let You Down Comments (2)

Today, President Barack Obama bestowed upon the late Harvey Milk and living legend Billie Jean King the nation's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom:

Jul 30 2009
Medal Detector Comments (2)
You're getting warmer, Barack!

The Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, will go to a truly diverse and in most cases deserving group of Americans—not least of which include gay-rights pioneer Harvey Milk and tennis icon Billie Jean King!

Rivera_2208_narrowweb__300x348,2 Other recipients are Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), Stephen Hawking (theoretical physicist), former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the late Republican senator Jack Kemp, Anglican Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu, Rev. Joseph Lowery (civil rights leader), acting great Sidney Poitier, Nancy Goodman Brinker (founder of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization), Pedro José Greer Jr. (a doctor noted for his work with the poor), Joe Medicine Crow—High Bird (the last living Plains Indian war chief), Mary Robinson (first female president of Ireland), Janet Davison Rowley (a cancer researcher), Dr. Muhammad Yunus (anti-poverty crusader) and Broadway legend Chita Rivera.
May 22 2009
Courting Controversy Comments (1)

From here, the California Supreme Court will release its Prop 8 ruling on Tuesday. I have to believe that if rumors it was moved from yesterday's riot anniversary at Gavin Newsom's request (which was denied, and yet...coincidentally, it is landing exactly where it would have landed had that rumor been true?), the news won't be good. Why else would they bother not releasing it on that day? Unless Newsom assumed it will be bad news, asked the court to move it without knowing and the court agreed. I don't know...fingers crossed.

I only missed being in L.A. for the ruling by one week...I'm about to post all about that trip.
Apr 21 2009
Harvey Milking It Comments (20)
Perez is the new Harvey Milk. Scare ya? Then do it yourself.

Gay people and fans of equal rights owe Perez Hilton—big-time.

Miley-cyrus-picture-1 Since he asked Miss California if she felt more states should legalize same-sex marriage, he's kept the debate alive and in the process has flushed out supportive statements from Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Heidi Montag.

Miley...Britney...Heidi...not exactly names synonymous with activism and gravitas. But their opinions matter a hell of a lot more than most of us would like to believe. They are all from the 18-to-34 demo that currently supports gay marriage by a wide margin, but all through also identify as Christians and it's very likely though hard to prove that all three would consider themselves right of center politically.

Karel I just read a ridiculous, poorly conceived article on the topic of Perez by Charles "Karel" Bouely on HuffingtonPost that ignores all of this. Karel (who can't spell Britney correctly) thinks that because Perez is a a fame whore who wants visitors to his site, this somehow makes him an inappropriate messenger. On the contrary, Perez is as good an emissary as any, and one of the only openly gay celebrities in existence. Claiming his opinion and his advocacy are compromised by his claim to fame should also reflect on Karel himself, who I only know of for his terrible dance music even if he is now a radio host.

I despise any elitist arguments that say celebrities are any less qualified to talk politics than anyone else. You don't have to have a degree in political science to be taken seriously on a variety of topics.

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Apr 07 2009
Bigots Can Stick It Comments (2)


A movement is afoot to put Harvey Milk's face on a stamp. I love it—and homophobes who would recoil at the idea can lick his behind. Although stamps are usually self-adhesive these days. (And no longer cost the 32 cents they did when the artist first created this image.)
Dec 10 2008
"...Sean...Sean." Comments (4)

Madonna-hard-candy Rolling Stone's list of best music and movies is in their December 25, 2008—January 8, 2009, Brad Pitt cover issue. Of note musically, Hard Candy isn't in the Top 50 albums, and "Candy Shop" is the only Madonna single deemed worthy of making Rolling Stone's Top 100. Even though it's not a single. And even though it's not that great of a song. (Ouch to "4 Minutes," "Give It 2 Me" and even "Miles Away." I mean, an Ashlee Simpson song made the cut!)

Movie-wise, Travers anoints the best as follows (keep reading also for Us Weekly's Top 10 movies):

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