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Jan 03 2012
Let The Games End Comments (2)

The Iowa Caucuses would be far more interesting if they were run more like the Hunger Games.

Looking like Romney rather than Santorum pooped out in the end—less support now than four years ago even if he winds up eking out a win.

The "Iron Lady" wound up with a bad cast of rust.

Nov 17 2011
Coming To Grips With Reality Comments (0)

Even right-wing Globe (November 28, 2011) has turned on Herman Cain, pronouncing him a liar via stress-detection tests on his statements about whether or not he groped those women. They say he shows clear signs of evading the truth. (Also easy to detect from him if you see his lips moving.)

Nov 07 2011
"You Want A Job, Don't You?" Comments (0)

A fourth woman has now accused Herman Cain of not only sexual harassment, but of what sounds like sexual assault. Thankfully, he stopped when she told him to, but not before grabbing at her vagina up her skirt and trying to push her head into his crotch.

The woman is a registered Republican who was at a Tea Party gathering within the past few months. Not a liberal, oops.

Oct 19 2011
Yes, We Cain Comments (1)

It seems clear that Herman Cain is outrageously anti-middle class...how else to explain his 19-9-9 plan where everyone pays more except for the ones making the most? Or his contention that the jobless darn well deserve to be that way? His debate performance last night probably had even Michele Bachmann rolling her eyes, or whatever she's able to do with them at this point.

It would be fun to tell the right-wingers who think people wouldn't support Obama to the extent they did and do if he weren't black that they're only supporting Herman Cain because HE'S black...but I suspect the retort would be, "Wrong! We support him in SPITE of that!"

Oct 18 2011
Takes The Money To Run...And Runs Comments (0)

Herman Cain has taken about $100,000 of his campaign contributions and funneled it straight into his own for-profit company. I guess he really IS a serious contender for the Republican nomination.

Oct 04 2011
Romney v. Romney Comments (1)

Mitt Romney now kowtows to the right by claiming he would support a Constitutional amendment stating that life begins at conception even though when he ran for the Senate in Massachusetts in '94 he was giving unabashed support to Roe v. Wade. "You won't see me wavering on that." Uh, yeah, right.

Once the right gets over its polygamous lust for a series of nutjobs (Bachmann's up! No, Trump! No, Perry! Now Cain!), it will settle on this hack, thinking him the best bet vs. Obama. And right now, he looks like the best bet vs. Obama. But he won't look like a good bet once it's one-on-one.

Sep 30 2011
Galluping Away Comments (0)

A gentle reminder from Daily Kos that polls are almost meaningless this early on. (This is a lesson Trump, Cain,  Bachmann and Perry have already learned.)

Aug 14 2011
GOP Field + Bachmann - Pawlenty = Romney/Pawlenty? Comments (1)

Strawcandidates_620x350Bye-bye, Tim!

Michele Bachmann, as expected, won the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa, becoming the first female to win—and in a state that has never elected a woman governor, senator or Congressional rep.

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